Fixing MAJOR Mistakes I Made I Love Corvettes So I Spent 30 Hours 2 days ago   23:18

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Today I try to fix everything that broke after my cheap Toyota Supra's 4-day build, and it was all 100 percent avoidable. My bad.

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Support my channel by downloading Rise of Kingdoms► and use the code Iq9ybsajz2 to receive: 200 Gems, 2 Silver Keys, 2 x 50000 Food, 2x50000 Wood as a GIFT for my viewers!!!
Rodger Mauch
This is great content. I can't wait for your posts. You have so many cool projects going. I want to know what you would sell this Supra for when completed?
braydan hancock
The coolant looks like mountain due
__ Mac __
That steering wheels horrendous, get a corolla Sr / celica gen 7 steering. Way way way nicer
RLA 82
Just subscribe n love the work on Supra!!!!
Luis Vasquez
Hey buddy how are you today, what happened with the Toyota supra I will like to see the final finish with the new paint job?
Marcel Bożek
The 12:13 is best sound on earth
Cameron H
what would be sick for the center of the steering wheel is a supra shoes logo off something they make, can probably cut to size, or even just their lettering for SUPRA would be rad.
you fell off
Paul Khim
Dope edits. Valuable content and easy to watch. Don’t really subscribe to anyone but did here. Great job!!
Put switches in the blanks they are more than likely cheaper
Performance EV
I think for the silver on the steering wheel you may end up having to repaint it. But there are some really good products out there that make it pretty easy. I'm hoping to have a video out on this type pf thing on my own project next week so I am happy to let you know how I get on.
Anthony Cross
Is that a Supra!?
Aaron Maduro
Cut the center out of the old airbag and sand the back of it so it can sit flux
Pablito Robert
what song is that at the end
Brad Burks
Why did this music make me feel like it was the 1980’s and I was driving down a dark road road with my perm blowing in the wind after I just broke up with my girlfriend ?
Need some of those Stu Hagen gauges and a TRD steering wheel. Nice job on the build.
Only In The Hood
My BROTHER CONGRATULATIONS on your GRIND...QUESTION.. Are you going to sell this one? 1 of my bucket list cars for sure!!! Battling Cancer and have always Appreciated your generous donations. Loving each other is THE BEST WAY to start "HEALING " Dm if you due want to sell. Have watched you from waaaaay back.
keep up the good work and change the style of the outside of the car
Shad's Garage
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I Love Corvettes So I Spent 30 Hours Fixing MAJOR Mistakes I Made 2 days ago   18:58

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