James Arthur - Empty Space James Arthur's audition - Tulisa's 2 days ago   04:37

James Arthur - Empty Space an exclusive live performance for Vevo.

Watch James Arthur Vevo Live Performance for Silent Night: https://ufl.ae/videow/9_p6Xvnn1V0
Watch James Arthur music videos: https://bit.ly/2BuaKka

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Comments 3156 Comments

Sya al-talif
I like that he smiles before he sings the song 😍😍😍😍😍
omaygatt im so happy this song my fav♥♥
Tulip Ungu
I love this song. Especially when Z sang this for me.
Jc S.
I felt the pain 😔
Pandorah A
Perfect... i think this is one of my fav songs...is hard to define, but it fills my empty space *_*
Wayne Jones
Love the song .. James well done mate !
Bronte Carvalho
Speed 1.25x, more like the studio track
Gregg Jaimie
Ash Colins
Everytime I listen to him, I just wanna cry.
Paola Z
I always cry listening to his songs. He puts so much emotion into his voice, it makes me feel his pain
Holy shiIIIt!!! This is MAJESTIC!!!!!
Charlene Borbe
even in 1.25x speed. it's still good....
Credo Betty
I love this acoustic version. This is better than the recorded version.
a k
мужик, как же ты крут!!!
Aether Dwie
I like it more than audio
Beatresse Bautista
Sienna Aurora
my ex told me to listen to this. and damn. the lyrics suits him very well. he’s a liar and a cheater. :))
I just feel his pain ,all the time n break my heart every time ☹😭
Jenny Espiritu
I wish i could watch him sing live.
Hollis & Artemis
Your music inspires me to write 💕📚
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James Arthur's audition - Tulisa's James Arthur - Empty Space 2 days ago   09:41

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Watch James Arthur bring the house down with an amazing remix of Forever Young by Tulisa...

After hearing his inspirational life story, our heartstrings were left feeling well and truly tugged at. Mashing up Tulisa's Forever Young with some of his own lyrics, the Judges were left spellbound and so were we. Wow. Just wow.

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