War in Donbas: Local youth turn Reporter's Confrontation at Ukrainian Checkpoint: 2 days ago   05:54

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The two finalists in Sunday’s presidential election in Ukraine share at least one common point: both have promised to end the ongoing war in the country's easternmost region. The conflict began in 2014, when pro-Moscow separatists took control of the Donbas area, resulting in the founding of two self-proclaimed republics.

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Ace Kitty
Did he just say "coke"
Leiki Dragon
statues back up
Cristian Ro
Wow.... They have all new Russian uniforms and equipment...
tahts an AK74
Its not an AK-47 ITS AN AK-74M model .92
steve l
This is all Russia's fault. Ukraine will never forget how Stalin had them dying. Ukraine is sick of Russia.
>field strip an ayy kayy fourty seven
Danny Boyo
What has Russias promises done for Eastern Ukraine? How are they enjoying their freedom? What does it say about Russia when the 4th largest military in the world can't even defeat Ukraine, a country with a 1980s level army.
Ana Podushka
It's donetsk not donyesk
Zen Shaman
perhaps the french should quit fostering revolutions, and overthrowing governments....same as the u.s. government. you bastards...look what yall did to Qadaffi and libya, you should be ashamed....
John Doh
Putin's Puppets.
Javi Díaz
A war by jews for jews where christians die
If USA, Poland go out from Ukrania, the peace will come !!!
Were the millions provided by International funds ?
Maïdan were fake revolution trigged by CIA...
pugg cash
Brain washed kids
Seb Woz
Canon meat
U Wot
The media should show videos of soldiers getting there limbs blown off, and having there face blown apart by rounds, this is the reality of war, there is nothing glorious about war.
fot ppd
turn their back on their nation or confronting the nation's leaders that turned their back on them and the people first?
(obviously the latter.)
Audrius Balsys
0:36 марозов :D Гопник :D
peter kinasz
Poor Ukraine! They have all the luck of a 1-legged man in a butt kicking contest politically & economically. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine turned away from the corrupt decline occurring in Russia & turned 2 the exploitation & corruption of the US. They were sucked in2 giving up their nuclear capability by Clinton & now pay 4 it. Y are my countrymen so stupid?
james munn
Glad to see the Republic is holding strong down with Ukraine
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Reporter's Confrontation at Ukrainian Checkpoint: War in Donbas: Local youth turn 2 days ago   10:55

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In dispatch six, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels to the Kherson region of mainland Ukraine to both the Ukrainian and Russian checkpoints. At the Ukrainian checkpoint, Simon goes inside one of their tanks, and speaks to the commander, who says that despite his Russian blood he will defend all invaders. But at the Russian checkpoint, the exchange isn't quite as cordial.

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