War in Donbas: Local youth turn INSIDE UKRAINE: ODESA 🇺🇦 1 day ago   05:54

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The two finalists in Sunday’s presidential election in Ukraine share at least one common point: both have promised to end the ongoing war in the country's easternmost region. The conflict began in 2014, when pro-Moscow separatists took control of the Donbas area, resulting in the founding of two self-proclaimed republics.

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Johnson Johnson
Also, @2:44 why is there an EGA on the Ukrainian Museum exhibit? LOL
Johnson Johnson
War is cool until you are on a patrol, getting blown up, and people around you are getting wounded or killed. Then you might regret all the glory people make war out to be.
AsiA I.
china and America both are loseRs.
THIS is what happens WHEN YOU LET PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRIES "LIVE IN *YOUR* COUNTRY!!!!" Sooner or later THEY TRY TO OVERTHROW YOUR COUNTRY AND STEAL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Perestroika happened, THE RUSSIANS IN UKRAINE WERE TERRIFIED that Ukraine was going to kick them out, so the Russians BEGGED Ukraine to be able to stay. THEY WERE SWORE AND SIGNED CONTRACTS SAYING THAT THEY WOULD NEVER TRY TO OVERTHROW UKRAINE AGAIN, or that their future generations NEVER would!!!!!- 20 YEARS LATER 'THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID AND ARE DOING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ukraine JUST NEEDS TO CLEAN IT'S COUNTRY OUT OF "ALL" PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT UKRAINIAN!!!!!! (and America should help them do so)
Nirmal Kumar Sharma
"Their countries", this happens when you ignore history.
Rene Descartes
Idiots. Russia will use them as cannon fodder.
"they think peace can be obtained through diplomacy".. theres your problem m8.. theres a reason Canada and the USA are peaceful countries :)
Big Poppa G
There's no republic, there's only traitors and occupiers on Ukrainian land. If you love Putin so much, move to Moscow.
Henry Kissinger
Why shouldn't they? Ukraine doesn't serve it's people. Ukraine is owned and controlled by mafia. Ukraine serves only the mafia groups. Crime is a very big business in ukraine and as a result all the criminals from Chechnia, Armenia, Georgia as well as Russia have flocked to ukraine all hoping to cash in on this lucrative business. In my view, Ukraine shouldn't even be called a country but, mafia's turf. Sad but it is true; everyone is robbing it; police, secret services, prosecutors, judges ... and almost all civil servants are at it: robbing ukraine. Every region has it's own mafia groups working together with the police, prosecutors, judjes and secret services of that region. Think of a country where the state bodies are acting as mafia groups.. That country is Ukraine. Society as a whole has become very corrupt. Money buys anythihg in ukraine inclyding favorable court decisions. I strongly believe that if the country continues in the path that is right now, survival of it within the current borders of it is very questionable. There may not be a country called Ukraine a few years down the line, because ukrainian society is made up of different ethnic groups and they are already dissolusioned by what is happening in the country. It will only take a spark and that is it before it is all over.
It is sad, but it is true.
Mike Bregidin
So they turn their back on Ukraine and support Russia instead. I get Ukraine is full of corruption and isn’t the best way to live but the Russians have a similar life style and have a history of negligence and abuse towards former Soviet countries. The Russian government is abundant with espionage, lies, and a lust for power.
Blank Space
Black coke nice
Xi jinping
and now siberia should rejoin china.
Piet Vast
Stop this war.
If I'd be Russia I'd love Ukraine to join the EU very much cause there is no another country but Ukraine in entire world that could destroy everything it touches as fast as it can
Spiriev Peter Alain
'Kalashnikov in there blood'
David De
Ukraine 🇺🇦💪🏼
Срђан Николић
I am Doneck and Serbian citizen 1 day we will destroy London and washinton
John Lenin
Fascists die whatever their age.
Komuto Herovato
Слава ДНР и ЛНР
Henio Potok
Why are you saying they are turning their back on their native country??? They are Russians, so their native country is Russia, not Ukraine. Typical western media, where withholding information or changing it altogether is alright as long as it serves a purpose to prove a point, even if that point is not backed by any truth. Well done France 24, no one actually fell for it.
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INSIDE UKRAINE: ODESA 🇺🇦 War in Donbas: Local youth turn 1 day ago   16:35

Odesa, Odessa, Oдеса, or Одесса (however you'd prefer to spell it) is a fantastic Ukrainian city to travel to! I tried my best to capture the feel of its wide streets, relaxed vibe, and unique flavor. And the food in Odesa is the best I've had in Ukraine!


-Fantastic Day
-Никогда (2011)

-YOSHKE: https://ufl.ae/videow/kIM9ZjJZ0ls&vuqjkhu=oekjk.ru&vrsbyt=YmQH2F51deKl4WzGXNw5fPxNxxvVqS_2YyDtrLwOOOaRL0S0jJeMNx1Ejxul4

-'Progressive Dream' Mix


-All in at Night
Bastien Slice


Bohdan Suprun

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