Migrating to Synology Moments from 10 Gigabit at LAST - Synology DS1817+ 1 day ago   06:02

Controlling your photos is simple with Synology Moments! This tutorial will show you exactly how to migrate from a Google Photo collection to Synology Moments with ease!

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Is working! thank you mate.
Karsten Denkler
With the announced changes in google fotos and google drive this soon will not work as fotos from google fotos will not appear in a google drive folder anymore.
Carlos Barreiro
your videos are very helpful im new to synology and you make it really easy to follow thanks
Simon Eatough
Bro, where you gone? Great Synology tutorials mate, appreciate the effort
Richard Humphrey
Critical cost piece missing from this video When you check the box to create a google photo album be aware that you will find you soon run out of storage. Those photos now count against the drive storage plan. You may as well work the other way. Back up your photos from your phone to your synology nas, Then create a a cloud sync that puts your photos back up to your google drive. Now your only using that as an off site backup. In fact you can decide if you want it to be a one way sync so that nothing is removed in teh cloud when you delete it on your nas, or you can have it do both ways, in which if you delete a pic on either side it will be removed in both locations. Now if your using Google drive as off site backup maybe look at onedrive. Google drive terabyte plan will cost you about 130 a year per user. One drive will cost you 99 dollars a year and it includes up to 6 users with each getting a terabyte of storage and includes the office app if you want a local install of office on your mac or windows. I don't promote either I am looking simpy for a more cost effect way to have a backup off site of my house. Both can use cloud sync from nas. Lastly I wish synology had two apps for backing up photos and videos. I have amazon prime and it has unlimited photos included in price. It used to be unlimited period. Now I have to upload all my content of video and photos from my phone to my nas. Then manually take the picture out and place them in a folder that syncs to my prime account. Now my videos go into a different folder like ds video and I have to pay for plans to store those off site. I am ok for now because my chromebook gave me a free 100 gigs of space for another year but I am always looking for a better approach and for me it may turn out to be office one drive in the near future because of space the give me. for 99 bucks. Cloud sync does not work with apple services. If anyone knows of better choices of off site to store videos and photos I would love to hear about your approach. I know I could do external drive but really I don't want to spend time rotating and moving off site, that's even a bigger pain of using my time. I love dsphoto and dsvideo on my tv to view any of that content. Or if your into chromecast you could in dsphoto app on phone you can mirror pictures to chromecast (wish I could mirror albums and go forward) or I can use dsvideo and cast to tV...so many options
Black Country Lad
Does this work with Appleโ€™s Photos Too?
Bonjour, Peut-on faire la mรชme chose avec les photos qui sont sur Icloud d'Apple ? Merci
Allen Pinkley
How about migrate from /photos to /homes/user/moments/ without having to move them?
steve minnick
do you think this is a better set up and sync by using Moments vs something like PLEX? I have trued to use PLEX to manage and view all my photos but keep coming up with sync issues.
Al Fareej Typing
Thanks man that was helpful
Merry Christmas
Thanks for the video. I have the DS 218play and it does not show HEIC or HEIF videos / photos neither in Photo Album or Moments. Is there any workaround without having to convert all those? Because Google Photos supports HEIF / HEVC, they are left as they are in the Google Drive but the NAS is not able to show them =(
Grantos Maximus
REQUEST: Could you do one on COPS and/or BicBucStriim? Or bossibly how to set up Calibre in a Docker? I used to run my Calibre eBook library on an older Synology using DSM 5 but DSM 6 broke it for good and no amount of tinkering has ever resurrected my eBook library. Thank you
Greg Lackerman
Can you do a video on installing Windows 2106 server on Virtual Manager?
Thanks. I was hoping Moments could ID and organize all the full-res photos I already have in my /photo/ folder on my Synology not the more highly compressed picture I have on Google. Short of moving the picture on the Nร„S, canโ€™t I just point Moments to the existing /photos/ folder? Oh and the photo backup thing has been possible with DS File from iPhone for a while.
Tommy Eggers
Pictures and movies are fun. A more serious thing is WOL (Wake On Lan). In this (good) tutorial, you are told to use Cloud (or any digital photo-book-system) instead of a paper-book. BUT: It is expensive (power) to keep your NAS'es running 24/7, so a lot of users have scheduled their NAS'es to power down several times a day, to make sure they dont use power when not in use. So, if you want to see your pictures, you need to power up your NAS. And this is where wol comes in :-) Could you please make a tutorial? Or maybe 2, one where everything works as expected, and one that deals with the things that can (and will) go wrong. Thanks in advance.
Nigel Burrell
I have more than one Google Drive account. Is it possible to set up multiple Google Drive accounts in Cloud Sync?
Haider Abbas
What kind of conversion it does when moving/adding photo or videos to Moments. Does it reduce size or change file format?
Mathias Morzek
This doesn't work. I tried to "migrate" two different Google Photo accounts. The Google Dashboard says that one account contains about 8000 photos and the other contains about 22000 photos. After Cloud Sync indicates that everything was synced I checked the amount of photos in the synced folders via DS File. The first folder contains about 4000 files and the second contains just 20000 files.
It seems that some other people ran into the same problem. The sync was set up on saturday so "waiting" is not the solution. Takeout is also no option because of the missing metadata.
Does anyone know a solution for this problem? Or knows about any other solution?
Horace Ho
Hi does symbology nas support sync between nas and google photo?
I want to sync nas photo to google photo by using google free photo storage.

Note. I am not talking about syn between nas and google drive. This counts storage size.
How do you add photos to moments from the photos already on the synology drive. I have played around with Google Photos, but never pulled the trigger. I still just have all my photos stored on the synology using Apple photos from my desktop to view them. It's not as smooth as I would like it to be.
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10 Gigabit at LAST - Synology DS1817+ Migrating to Synology Moments from 1 day ago   10:17

We've reached the final phase of my storage infrastructure build-out: The Synology DS1817+ loaded up with WD Red drives and 10 gigabit networking.

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Synology Feature Guides:
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Cloud Station Sweet - https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/feature/cloud_station_suite
RAID CALCULATOR - https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/RAID_calculator
NFS File Sharing - https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledgebase/DSM/tutorial/File_Sharing/How_to_access_files_on_Synology_NAS_within_the_local_network_NFS
How to share files publicly - https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledgebase/SRM/help/SRM/FileBrowser/sharing

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