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This week's #SpookyScarySunday episode has some nostalgia.. in the worst way.

PLEASE check out more works from the ANIMATORS:
Mimic (CryptTV): https://ufl.ae/videow/_yy40xh4SLK
Dying For Pie (pamtri): https://ufl.ae/videow/E6IsZBYf3P8
SPOOK TRAIN: Curtains (Lee HardCastle): https://ufl.ae/videow/V86g5u19Ovw
Other Lily (David Romero: Let's Read): https://ufl.ae/videow/Thgiwd3SOem

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Outro By:
https://twitter.com/GrittySugar - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat https://ufl.ae/profile/KSD02IJzyw103d6Jtw077ujQ


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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

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Duece Wyatt
Duece Wyatt
Play fortnite some more
Y’all like the video if you didn’t notice him at first
breaking out of sleep paralysis is VERY hard, but it is possible. you’re better off just letting your body become paralyzed.
Cody Jarrell
As soon as it shows the kid

Gabriel Morales
leehard is a demented phsycopath.(edit) in other lily her phone said make sure lily's in bed befor ten and the phone clock said 11:41???
Matt_ KING
Gucci grain
DJ's Gaming
i had sleep paralisuas when I was four years old. It was SCARY and it was on a sunday
Is Your Own Known Mosz
26:54 😂
Ryan Dana
My address is djekhdoshedjsudodsj
1:08 *epic action music plays* BOSSFIGHT-POLICE
Cristal Mythical
Fourth animation is like Among the Sleep but a twist, the BABYSITTER has to find the little girl while other lily has to find Lily
Sarah Hailey
I wonder what his neighbors think of a man running outside of a house wearing covering greens, a hat, and carrying a fake rifle lmao
PLease give warning about grandma
Ego Ky-rus
Nobody should see a monster eat your husband or wife like that,Am I right or am I wrong?
Starkitty Gacha
Always eat Swedish fish during sss it’s always amazing
Kirby Fan26
That has happened to me moRe than once like five times. It was nightmare kinda like this one. I thought I was awake, and I heard a sound from my closet. When I tried to get up, I couldn't. Then I saw a girl with long black hair. I was trying to scream, nothing came out. Then, the girl tried to kill me. Right when she was about to eat me, I woke up. I noticed I was crying tears from my eyes. It was probably 3 o'clock. I was breathing hard. I was so tired, I fell back to sleep. Same thing happened, but this time it was my mom... She yelled my name loud and tried to kill me. I woke up again, with more tears running down on my face. I was so scated, I haven't slept for days. This is a true story. Don't believe me? Well, just wait and see.....
0:00 - 1:22
Just imagine someone looking out of their window to see.....
Cory rolling on grass
Holding a "gun"
"shooting" at nothing
And they casually say....
"Ohhh it's spooky scary Sunday"
And continues to sip on tea 🍵☕
Cydney Mitchell
The way Beth got snatched tho
Marissa gaddis
That is what the little sister sees lily as.
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98% OF PEOPLE FAIL Try Not To Laugh CLEAN SPONGEBOB: THE LOST EPISODE | Reacting 1 day ago   09:16

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