Assembling The Engine For the 1000Hp Mr2 Build! SUZUKI VAN- Engine In + Test 1 day ago   19:33

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Comments 721 Comments

price hillbilly
I'm kinda excited to see how the sequential transmission works out
randall jr Benoit
Omg Honda power evrathang
... the boats sick af!
deer hunter 6661
When is the shopping cart go kart coming back
k swap the world :-D
Scott Jackson
Would much rather hear the sounds of the tools working than that suck ass music .
"touching head studs can make them snap"
**grabs camshaft with bare hands**
Baby Brent!
Kitarya Kysubae
It's not an o ring! It's a GO RING because boost
Robert bonham
I have wondering when you have to get the car smog how does that work ??? And what are the smog requirements
Rodrick Johnson
Whyd u opt on making the mr2 1000 hp over ur civic? Is the Mr2 lighter??
Jose Rotary
That boat is going to be sweet, and that mr2 is going to be sick.💯👍👍👍
Is it just me or at @4:55 someone touches just one head bolt with their bear hands 👀
10:29 inna'propes dog smhd
music cringe
Is it Shane or Garth?
robert perrotta
I use a flat piece of derlin plastic for my orings. That way I'm not risking damaging the deck.
Holy crap, get the camera out of people's faces
Wow, Honda guys that dont know what is needed to assemble a k24. I would not know either. I'm here because of Garrett. Just assumed Honda guy would know how to build a honda
Chris Hayward
you got the horses in the back
Jonathan Studt
Man I cant wait to see that boat hit the water
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SUZUKI VAN- Engine In + Test Assembling The Engine For the 1000Hp Mr2 Build! 1 day ago   24:49

After deciding to rebuild the 1.3L engine out of the Barrel Brother's Carry Van, Benny throws it back in and we take it for a country drive.

Benny's Custom Works brings you everything automotive!
Weekly Episodes right here on Youtube, as well as the shop with new & used performance parts for most Japanese makes and models.

Benny makes this stuff look like a walk in the park. Please consider the risk factors and talk to a qualified mechanic, as well as a psychologist, if you’re thinking of attempting anything you’ve seen on the show.
Take into consideration your safety, the safety of others, as well as your vehicle’s best interests- warranty, etc.
Unless you’re trained & qualified to do so, we don’t recommend modifying your vehicle in any way. Stickers don’t add HP unless installed correctly.

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