VALENTINE (Mark Angel Comedy) MOBILE BANKING (Mark Angel 1 day ago   03:50

This very FUNNY VIDEO is very hilarious. Emanuella and Uncle Mark are really clowns. Happy valentine to you all.
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abena duodu
Lil Dan
Who is always thinking that, Mark angel is soo wealthy but they still live in that place. Not to be. Rude
Aaliyah Jean Baptiste
I think she meant a ring
TTastrobeast does
3:03 when she gets pissed
Wada Mothokomedi
Am always scared when Emmanuel say 'trust me😂😂😂
Ashley Allen
I could try this ... real funny
Anushta Chandrapalan
Ha!My certificate! My life!😅😅😅
Vanessa Elskamp
Calfiolah Black
i actually had an onion in mind
Baron Rock
You Guys are creatively awesome loved this one a lot thank you guys for making the world laugh, I really appreciate your hard work keep up the good work guys.
Queen Zee Mazeetiey
Oh! My God😍I will never ask a gift from my boyfriend because he would cut my important things👌... anyway Emanuella is so creative👐👐
Jaya Kumari
Hello from India 👋 you all people are awesome
Ace Nadine
Sorry mistake
Ace Nadine
Emanuela - ha we've made her cry

Me - omg u people have.her life
Taiwo .O
Boiii look at her Louie Vuitton purse!!
Muhammad Alif Kindi
They'll break up in the day of love
Funmi Olowu
BayoT NgA BugoY Vlo
Christy Esmiller
Haha love makes my day ..☺️☺️☺️ thank you
Mohlomi Mojalefa
oya halele
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MOBILE BANKING (Mark Angel VALENTINE (Mark Angel Comedy) 1 day ago   02:58

This video is so funny. hahaha cashless society lol.
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