America Endures Another Mass Questions That Will Blow 2 days ago   07:01

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A killing spree in Odessa, Texas, is just the latest in America’s mass shooting epidemic, and Jaboukie Young-White has an idea for keeping would-be shooters away from guns.

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Big Bud
Notice how a none of the mass shootings are anywhere near New England just saying you Progressive buttholes like to pretend that the rest of the country is better than the older part of the country, ain't no mass shootings up here. And I live in the state with virtually no gun laws compared to most of the rest of the country and there are zero shootings of any kind the only time there is any sort of violent crime involving a gun it's always and isolated domestic dispute over here
equitine _
I agree with private sellers not being allowed to sell or at the very least a data base should be made available where info can be inputted to see if the buyer has failed check in the past.
Simon Ghost Riley
Step one take the guns. Step two strip freedoms of speech. Step three set up a communists dictatorship. Step four source all the money out. Step five collapse the country. It happens all over the world in other countries wake the fuck up people. Trevor is a fucking puppet
What are you quoting 93% from?
And you just told a bunch of people how to get around a gun law....
dennis bryan
How does taking guns away from people help? Taking guns away from all is just saying we can't tell who is crazy.
A man runs his truck into a group of people do we take your truck? It is wrong to punish gun owners for someone else's irresponsible act
Gays... Oh man...
And they wonder why people can’t stand them... Fucking abomination I tell you
francisco martiinez
That's an awesome idea! Cartels and gangs have been doing Universal background for years!
Sarah Hamilton
If a man is truly a man, he’ll defend himself without a gun. Guns are gay.
Geo Garcia
Give them the death penalty
Okay, Walmart doesn't want guns in their stores. So far, so good. But ... what if someone shows up with a gun anyway ? Can they actually deny people entry, when the state's law grants that person the right to carry their gun out in the open ? Genuinely curious, because i'm not from the USA.
Smalls LastName
The Colt 1911 made by John Browning. That’s right, when you shoot it, you’re shooting another mans load, and that’s gay.
Hayden Correia
Who buy guns from Walmart
Vigilante Salazar
My gun ain’t gay because I always COCK my gun to shoot my man-sauce in the V target of my lady. My gun creates life and never ends life. I love my gun and my lady love it even more.
Jackie Smith
If guns now have a sexuality preference then you know America needs to chill with the fucking freedom
Nicholas Rourke
Well if u ain't a felon than u can own a gun and most the time the gov will call anyone crazy to control them. So 2nd amendment is very clear and the day the gov trys to take anyones gun away that ain't a felon well then it will be our duty as free Americans to stand up against a tyrannical gov and take away their power to govern. Don't underestimate free Americans,like Washington told us God made us all free and the right to bear arms is every person's right that ain't a felon, fuck I had a x gf say I pushed her and it never went to court but if the gov tryd telling me I can't own a gun cuz of a lie a crazy bitch said, I would tell them like I'm gonna tell u trevor Go Fuck Yourself
Dillon Young
Fucking idiot. "Dont bring your legal guns into our stores because mass murders have brought guns into our stores. So don't you dare think about protecting yourself as a legal gun owner."
Dominick Tewksbury27
Who buys guns and ammo from walmart anyways it's the cheapest shit ever
Joaquín González
I support making guns gay and the gays ruling the government
theyre also lying about the recycling thing.
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