With YuuWaa get up to 50 GB Online Storage How To Set Up A USB To Hack/Mod Xbox360 - EASY 10 months ago   01:05

YuuWaa The first flash drive to include online storage, backup and sharing services
-4GB high-speed (2.0) flash drive
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How To Set Up A USB To Hack/Mod Xbox360 - EASY With YuuWaa get up to 50 GB Online Storage 10 months ago   00:59

This is a quick tutorial on how to set up a USB Flash Drive for use on Xbox360. Once you do this you will be able to move your profiles and save games onto the USB so that you can use a computer to modify the content on it.

Check out my modding tutorials playlist:
- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhvurDUE3bdRf4AqOQ88vQYh-DAFhLwKc

Here are some tips taken from Microsoft, if you are having trouble doing this, or you can leave a comment.

"I'm getting a "Performance Warning" message. What does this mean?"
-If your USB flash drive doesn't meet the USB minimum requirements, you may experience significant performance problems while playing games on the flash drive or saving content to the flash drive.

"I'm getting a "Can't Configure" message. What does this mean?"
Your USB storage device is not working correctly and can't be used to store Xbox 360 content. Replace your USB storage device with one that meets the USB minimum requirements:
-Minimum 1-GB storage capacity
-Windows FAT32 file system format
-Note If the device was formatted in Windows using FAT16 or NTFS, you might be able to reformat it in Windows using FAT32. Macintosh and Linux formats do not work.

Other Stuff:
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