The Death of Classic Anime Demon Slayer is a Work of Art 2 days ago   13:50

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Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my "Best of Anime 2018" video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.

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Why the fuck is it that your videos are all so funny and shit until the last two minutes and then I get hit with some kind of life lesson or some shit. Your videos end and I'm like dammit I should reconsider everything I've done in my life so far. Or maybe it's even just your voice and the way you say it sounding wise and shit. Dammit.
Yakoub Barcelona10
i watched 80% of the classics in my childhood and most of them were dubbed and i didn't know what anime really was that time
it was epic tbh
and now i can rewatch them in japanese , i hope i live till i complete them all and feel the joy again
also new animes are also great , i watch them when they finish airing
so watching older anime or previous if i may say while waiting for new shows is a great experience for someone who started anime in 2014 like me
This made me realize that I have a way too big watchlist...

I'm gonna need a spreadsheet XD
does anybody know where I can watch the legend of the galactic heroes? I don't find it on kissanime. :/
Came here....from a coub
Shion Kreth
The lack of modern classic anime:
-too formulaic and oversaturated for any genre that brings in money.
-manga/light novel advertising actively aiming to *not* have a satisfying and impactful conclusion so you buy the source material.
-fans that seem to actively hate on series' other people enjoyed, ensuring there is no consesus on what actually is and isn't quality, impactful anime.
Mr. Popo
Finished Gundam0079 and starting hokuto no ken and dont care what shows are currently ongoing...
No Nadia, Lupin, or early Doraemon movies shown
Clearly lacking the Japanese perspective!
Aaron Solomon
Here are some strong contenders with some potential if they get developed correctly.

Vinland Saga
Made in Abyss
Heroic Legend of Arslan
Mahoutsukai no Yome

Also, you forgot.. Monogatari is the most obvious modern classic we've got : P. You absolutely can't argue that it's not a modern classic ;D. I'd recommend it right alongside legend of the galactic heroes, cowboy bebop, code geass, ghost in the shell, trigun, and all of those others = ).

A modern classic movie is definitely Your Name.

Drifters would have definitely been ultra interesting if it hadn't gotten abandoned : (.

Don't forget that we also got 3-gatsu no Lion, which competes with the likes of Aria. Saiki is easily going to be a comedy classic right up there with Lucky Star.

We think there are no classics among modern anime because they are always few and far between. I've pointed out an easy 8, many of which are only from the last 3 years.
Dat Bingo
Gigguk is a classic anituber
pink lasagna
Hunter x Hunter and Jojo is classic af
Mario Smith
why it doesn't work in europe :/
its ok all just turn to waifu/loli/isekai shit, but I truly find my self unable to finish one anime per season lately. every season I watch less and less from the list, by 3 episode 70% of the anime will be dropped and by 6 episodes 95% will be gone. turn out 1-2 anime per season will be able to go from start to finish. rest just too repetitive with literally the same shit with different face.
Adrian Knight
SAO feels like a classic became I think it reflects the Isekai genre perfectly to any non-anime hardcore fan, but gamer, like me :) Others I feel fell short of that.
Harry Blum
made in abyss and promised neverland would be classics if they were shorter and more contained, sadly they both ended openly for more seasons to come out.
Gamers Crown
when you making game sponsorship you make laugh already like in moment when you select thick of character
David Folsom
FYI, the big problem is the distribution models now. Anime at the top end HAS gotten worse because there's a lot less incentive to make a visionary show these days. You're gonna hit market saturation with how easy it is to distribute. You no longer need to make a blockbuster to get worldwide release. So the drive to make /the best/ show ever and not just be profitable has definitely gone a bit down in the actual industry.

Also related is that.. there's always been some real shit anime, and now you're not having the cherry picked cream of the crop shipped worldwide.
It's the Super Saiyan problem of escalation.

It took years, literal and fictional for Goku to reach that level. It stuck with that show's universe as a defining moment. Then two kids hit that same level before the age of ten, and it's not enough of an impact to last.

Cowboy Bebop deserves to be a classic, but it also didn't have to compete with such a saturated industry. When more people had the skilled artists, access to cgi, the money to pay for passion projects, we got a lot of anime that could have been on the same level as Gundam or such.

So while I accept the idea that anime hasn't gotten worse, I reject the idea that there are no modern classics, because the people who will call them classics are the 12-15 years olds of today who grow up to talk about SAO, One Punch Man, Rage of Bahamut, Attack on Titan, etc in the YouTube of the 2030s.
Saturn V
Easiest solution: Admit SAO is a classic.
While there is a lot of new anime each season, we're plagued with endless imouto, romcom, isekai, and poor quality cgi generic trash shows. Even some of the slice of life, where there is no character development or real conflicts. Older anime sometimes had significantly better character development and high stakes, plus anime of yesteryear was not scared to have an unhappy ending where the MC or important character would die or lose everything at the end. I feel like most shows today feel the need to have to wrap up with a generic happy ending, which is not how anime used to be. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, you never knew how it would end, does MC succeed or fail, or even die.
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Demon Slayer is a Work of Art The Death of Classic Anime 2 days ago   13:11

Yeah the fights are cool and all but can we just appreciate how top tier an Imouto Nezuko is?

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