The Death of Classic Anime EvAbridged 4.0 This is (not) the End 1 day ago   13:50

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Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my "Best of Anime 2018" video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.

Edited by: Bakashift

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azooz doss
9:39 what is that anime
azooz doss
boku no pico is a classic
I saw gigguk at a party at seattle
Maia Pankey
you need to do high school of the dead in minutes!!
"Waltz with zizi" song hit me in the feels
Ruhina Fujimoto
Elton Wong
Where's a good place to find the classics? Crunchyroll doesn't have a lot of these classics that I never got to watch: Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Sao got me into anime. Wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t clicked on Sao
Okay, who in the hell unsubscribed me from Gigguk?!?!?!?
Muhammad Rizky Alfath Adiwira
Anyone could help me with the song around 4:10 pls? Sounds familiar, just cant really remember it
I've been wanting to watch Legend of Galactic Heroes for the longest time now ever since my friend told me about it. But where can I actually watch it? Can anyone help?
Lily Lloyd
Can you please make "InuYasha In ------ Minutes"? I feel like it would be hilarious and would really appreciate it!
Mark Proupes
Not sure if the show will ever become a classic, but that one episode of Violet Evergarden (the one with the letters from the mother) will hopefully be remembered for a long time. That was impactful af.
Morgan Foote
yeah but if you don't watch fullmetal alchemist or fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood,, im going to hunt you down
Jade Tate
I'm glad I saw a bit of Houseki no Kuni in the background. While a lot of anime that's come out before, during, and after it's airing have managed to stick in my mind, and those are certainly classic-worthy minus the cultural staying-power and relevance meaning they likely will be relegated to cult-classics, Houseki no Kuni is the one that I feel really deserved that timeless-classic spot. While this is how I personally feel, backed by the fact that I've been following the manga and know where the story is headed (and holy shit wow), I think the singular season of Houseki no Kuni tha'ts out now and seems to be the only one that will ever exist really did some amazing things. Off the bat and the most obvious is that it does CGI, the memey bane of anime, so damn well. I can't remember being so constantly taken aback by animation since seeing some of those actual classics you mentioned like Akira. On top of that, the voice acting and sound effects are an auditory experience; the actors doing the characters extremely well and the sound mixing practically giving me goosebumps and how immersive the made the experience feel. Add on one of the best emotional, drama-filled plots I've seen and it just creates the best experience I've had with an anime in a long time.

If nothing else, I really hope a second season comes out that maintains the quality of the first, and furthers the plot to the places I know it goes and hopefully cements the show as a true classic.
Thomas Thomas
now I'm a bit sad....
Made in Abyss deserves classic status, but rn it is more of a cult classic. it just needs a bit more viewership...

I think another issue plaguing anime today is a general reluctance among fans to exit the comfort zone of whatever gateway anime they came in on- they stick to shows of the same general type and premise regardless of quality, rather than branching out to other really good shows that don't share all the same tags.
MisterL Games
there is a new anime that has launched a pilot episode called: Mecha Ude
Tin Bui
*but what about jojo?*
Autistik Waldo
Mob psycho is good tier!
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EvAbridged 4.0 This is (not) the End The Death of Classic Anime 1 day ago   17:08

The first movie finale to everyone's least favorite Evangelion Abridged has come!

Created, Written and Edited by Gigguk

Update: English Subtitles added courtesy of Dietrich Ginocchio

DevilKickSanji2 - Shinji, Gendo
Sydsnap - Misato
DriatanVA - Ritsuko
Gigguk - Fuyutsuki, Extras
PandoraHerself - Maya
Sakiseshy - Rei, Extras
HoldenReviews - Shigeru
GRArkarda - Makoto
PurpleeyesWTF - NERV Employee 1
MinaMinaVA, HollowOfDawn, TheForbiddenNerd, Yomi, FictionReview, FoulFangedFiend - Extras (Sorry If I missed you're name off here, there were alot of extras)

Music comes from various songs in the Evangelion rebuild sound tracks
Sorairo Days - Gurren Lagann OST
No One's Home - Yoko Kanno (Darker than Black OST)

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