I'M SORRY BLAZER... Back to Stock I slept in a Range Rover to close 2 days ago   18:15

Street Speed 717
Thanks to Lakey Inspired for the vlog music!

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Street Speed 717
Hope you guys aren't too sad about the Blazer... it's for a good cause!
Bryson Bratton
Jordan Scheurer
I would have been in 3rd by the time he got half way through 2nd in my TJ. Lol. 4.0L for the win. Might have something to do with 4.88 gears 🤔
Jordan Scheurer
I'm sorry but some of these laws on lift and tires and exhaust is just a way for the state to make money. Complete bullshit.
Jordan Scheurer
You heard it here first folks the words McLaren and chevy is the same sentence. Thanks mike for making my night at work go by faster lol
Will Wheeler
was the tires chirping going thru the gears?
Larry Bordeaux
What brand of Snorkel do you have on the blazer
Kaden Wwe figure collector
You suck you gave away tires
Really enjoying the direction the channel is going. The new soft top is looking great on the Jeep. Ironically, that top actually insulates better than the stock hard top with the freedom panels.
Damn my "friends" would tell me to gfm
Sanjeev Pheran
10/10 on that rhyme lmao
James Petrick
If i could find my old wheels they are for sale. They are the same thing you just took after but in chrome but i think they are 15x10 or 15x12.
Michael Stapleton
oh hell put a 327 in it
Big sexy
Mike you crack me up ! Why well you start the blazer build then stop .🤔 then start building the jeep then stop . Then buy that pos pickup truck then start modding that . I think your attention deficit ! 😂
Lukas Haar
What happened to the Duramax
Ralph Burrows
That soft top suck balls. put back on the paint matched back, it looks so much better
Mathew Reeves
Mike please help
Robert Morales
Hey mike you can get a 3 inch body lift and run 35s that is how i have mine
Vette Giveaway?
Maxiss Energy
Paused the vid looking at Bobby’s white rims did y’all not notice the blazer is 6 lug and a 2500 is 8 🙊
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I slept in a Range Rover to close I'M SORRY BLAZER... Back to Stock 2 days ago   05:59

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