Tandems at Work?? G35 and ShartKart Hoonigan Cleetus vs Jeremy Crown Vic Driver 2 days ago   19:08

Hoonigan Daily Transmission
We got Danger Dan out of the garage!! And Vin. And Hert. Best team bonding/driving day ever. Remember kids, drifting is way more fun with friends.

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Mitchell Prest
Someone needs to take out the doors on the vans sitting on the yard
Lol Shart Kart swinging that superchargers filter like a kid that just found out about his boner shaking his wee-wee back and forth ahaha
Jeff Cunningham
Got the Hollow Squad hoodie 💯
16:32 i see you
donkey bruh
Put a fuckin hydro in that bitch, dan looks so awkward trying to grab the handbrake🤣
Malachi Skudder
we called the g35, nissan 350gt skyline in nz
Ethan Hayes
I fawkin love the g keep the g vids coming
Mental Asylum
Will someone please put an extension on shartkarts hard brake for Dan
Wesley Daemen
The g35 needs to have some bars otherwise it will die
Shavan Irving
Now put a kit on it and make it legit
Timothy Dellapelle
Shark carts intake looks like it was about to fly off the whole time.. 😂
Fairshake Media
stop being so fucking erratic with the camera dumbshit
Fairshake Media
Tobias is a lame hipster
Johnathan Thinnes
When we gonna see shit car in the yard ?
Daniel Rivera
DangerDan in the shartkart is always fun to watch haha
David Czyz
Just a couple hoonigans hooning it out. Love the comradery !
What about switching gear Hert?!
Travis Frewsmith
Those heritage wheels are killer, need em on my Lancer
Paint itttttt omg
Kane McIntyre
How is the intake on Shart-Kart still hanging on there 🤔 that shit is flopping around worse than when I'm running in commando 🤣
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Cleetus vs Jeremy Crown Vic Driver Tandems at Work?? G35 and ShartKart Hoonigan 2 days ago   26:34


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