Warehouses: Last Week Tonight Amazon | Patriot Act with Hasan 2 days ago   21:18

It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”

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Little wizard
Bezos and his space dick😂😂
Dirk Bastardrelief
I've never seen an episode that relied so heavily on anecdotal evidence and youtube videos...
Herbert Erdferkel
democratic nations with free access to information: workers are free to organize and enforce better conditions ... if they are too brainwashed by capitalism and/or too lazy to fight for worker advantages then its on them. By now they would pretty much get anything they want as organized boycott would ruin these companies, while they have more then enough cash to fix those basic demands without going bust.

Especially looking to the US I simply have to laugh about this modern day slavery, even with many slaves being anti unions. This nation is decades behind the first world worker protections, average workhours/days per year and other benefits, while those other nations prove for decades that there are still billions to make with giving more to workers.

Stop pittying idiots who cant manage to fight for better conditions even close to what other first world nations offer, they eat up every dumb lie given by companies and politicians as to why they get fucked and it about time to tell it to their faces that the fault lies with them refusing change.
HüSeYiN Serin
You will see the power of Turkey
HüSeYiN Serin
HüSeYiN Serin
HüSeYiN Serin
And they get a salary where many are needing help from the government..
Slavery in a different version. How is the pay for this ?
Hansu Lee
This is sick. I just don't like how high management is getting paid so much when people in the warehouse in treated in that horrible way. Bezos could still be super rich while sharing more of Amazon's success with other people.

Space travel is important for the future of humankind, and I think we should keep try to go outer space. But come on, workers in the US, which is supposed to be the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, gets treated in that way? I think Bezos should focus on his workers well-being as much as space travel.
Vikash Loitongbam
Your zazu sucks hyena balls!!! The production chose you after Rowan Atkinson!!! How much dicks did you polish to get that role???
Where is this weeks video?
panda_coffee animation
My sister worked at circuit city and i can confirm that since 2008 she has lived in a farm upstate
Jack Kelesoglu
I believe that warehouse work difficult but there absolutely no way it’s more dangerous than coal mining
I work in a busy restaurant and on a 14 hour shift I only walk about 10-12 miles a shift according to my phone, and I'm still young. I couldn't imagine doing more at his age.
Tiago Jordão
There's something I can't understand here, maybe someone can explain me: the warehouse employees are told to pick up stuff from seemingly random areas of the warehouse. Why aren't the items ordered in such a way as to avoid all that walking back and forth? I suppose it's very complex, and that it would have been done by now if it weren't super complex. Also, they would probably fire half the staff if they could reduce those walking distances drastically.
Jobs (especially the lowest paying jobs) at nearly all major corporations suck.

You’re underappreciated, undervalued, and taken advantage of.

I’m never going back.
Arvind Suresh
You did that on purpose, didn't you mate?

@ #Zazu #LionKing2.0
bubbu 420
What's up bro I thought it was Last Week Tonight been two weeks since you've uploaded I met you make YouTube videos and I make them may make them inconsistently but a my time schedule is not in my name
Cody Roberts
I'm supposed to feel bad this kid is tired after work
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