Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum Testing a Lego-compatible Steel Axle 1 day ago   12:43

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Aluminum foil is known to tear easily, but how strong can it get when it's twisted into a rope? Is it even possible? Today we're finding the answers.

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Jondell Cadyne
Maybe try plating instead of twisting
can you make a rope made with plastic wrap?
Who else saw the man to the right of the screen at 10:51
Bryce Animations
I think that when you used the fish scale it got weaker as you pulled and it unwinded
Gavyn Loos
Saran wrap
8:28 Honey the neighbor is walking the Donkey again

How do one write neighbor?
De Toetoet Vriendjes
How much time did he cut himself uwu
Bailey Jennings
Maybe a plastic wrap braided rope
Make a rope with rubber bands.
LeCram 02
A rope with plastic ! Can u do That?
tominator plays
One day that swing set will give out THEN WHAT????
Assata Keita
Can you use a rug and turn it into a blanket
Sky Londergan
Paper rope?
TheDiamondEnderMan 07
Can you make a rope from paper
lwdndficfkwl jdlelfnncoc
Can you make fire with rock?
Cody Christensen
Can you make a phone charger rope
emokid 506
After this braiding 100000
WOLF 2000
Can You make a rope with fishing line
*Are you shure this isn't alunimoon*
Make a rope from cardboard
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Testing a Lego-compatible Steel Axle Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum 1 day ago   06:17

I bought a stainless steel axle and tested how well it performs in a simple Lego hoist. How much better is it compared to a standard plastic axle?

The axle specs:
Lego Technic compatible
19 Lego-units long
stainless steel
sold by Brick Machine Shop in

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