Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum 25 AWESOME KITCHEN HACKS THAT 2 days ago   12:43

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Aluminum foil is known to tear easily, but how strong can it get when it's twisted into a rope? Is it even possible? Today we're finding the answers.

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Comments 7948 Comments

what happens if you heat treat that aluminium rope?
Can you make a whip with the plastic bottle strands
Amen plyz
Time Rift
I guess now we know why aluminum wire is not usually used
Autum Scott
How strong is dental floss rope
Autum Scott
How strong is a rope from leather belts
Angel Garcia
Melt the foil
Rayaan khatri
why couldn't you use Grants(RIP) rope making machine?
Racists Boy
Can I make a rope with a better life decision
Harvey Harbicht
I'd like to see a rope made from paracord. Each cord can (They say) support 550 pounds so yeah. LIft your pickup truck with a paracord rope.
you can use aluminium rope to carry groceries lol but thats about it.
Harvey Harbicht
Sorry to be pedantic, but generally speaking when you twist many ropes together it becomes a "cable".
The term" Rope" is also accurate though it's a gray area.
FWIW, Fibers are twisted into cords. Cords are twisted into ropes and ropes are twisted into cables.
Just thought I'd throw that out there.
Aluminium sounds cooler
Chotolopes feiner
Can you make aluminum foil using rope
Honey Boo
Royz View
Think if I was reduced to making an aluminium foil rope I'd hang myself with it!
Starwarsgirl Michael
Can you make a rope of string cheese?
Nitesh Sridaran
can you create an eco wasing machine
Mrunmaya Mishra
Hey TKOR just come to India and you'll find coconut fibre ropes in every house of India
Eat More
I still can’t believe he is dead.
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25 AWESOME KITCHEN HACKS THAT Can You Make a Rope with Aluminum 2 days ago   18:16


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