Venezuela in Turmoil: Aid arrives but food Putin is asked: Is it time for President 1 day ago   03:03

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Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido says a small amount of humanitarian aid has arrived in the country, although he hasn't specified where. President Nicolas Maduro has refused foreign aid, saying it is part of a strategy by the US to undermine his leadership. The two men are battling for power as the country suffers from shortages of food and medicine. As our Latin America correspondent Ediz Tiyansan reports from Caracas, the most vulnerable communities are paying a heavy price.

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Ntu Selala
The US is responsible for these problems not Maduro. Remove all sanctions and allow Maduro to feed his people. Sanctions only suffer the poor who are not able to do your regime change.
Rudolf Graspointner
Venezuela is a very green country, people should grow their own food! Antibiotics: use colloidal silver, turmeric... Medicine: garlic, ginger, CBD, sunlight for vitamin-D ...
UN is Useless
So finally turkey got nice deal ...
That's why you changing your mind
vernon matthee
This is just a load of propaganda.
Peacebuilding Doctor Association
one of the basic dissemination rule of media is you can only influence those IQ lower you.
at end of day, you expanded your incest families without the real force. anyway, China is happy to see that.
Good Luck US-A-SHIT.
lalit Sharma
Turkey have started changing it's international view
First on uighars detention in Xinjiang and now on this
Aus Turk
ZIONMERICA & IsraHELL smell petrol & gold? ZIONMERICA will put up walls so you dont come in? Thats how much they care... TURKIYE ♥ VENEZUELA. ... we are all MADURA... as he is the elected president?
Kenshin H.
Lift the sanctions first and maybe they don't need humanitarian aid.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCHR ) has adopted a resolution proposed by the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries (NAM) condemning economic sanctions against Venezuela by the United States, Canada, the European Union and their allies.
1. The document, put forward at the OHCHR meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday, urged "states to refrain from imposing unilateral coercive measures (and) condemn(s) the continued unilateral application and enforcement by certain powers of such measures as tools of political or economic pressure," reminding all states that "such measures prevent the full realization of economic and social development of nations."
2. The resolution acknowledges Venezuela's position: economic sanctions "disproportionately" affect "the poor and most vulnerable classes," threatening the realization of human rights.
3. Rather than the application of unilateral coercive measures, which are against international law, the resolution urges states "to resolve their differences through dialogue and peaceful relations."
4. Last week, the United States imposed a new round of sanctions against Venezuela, this time against the new cryptocurrency launched by the Bolivarian Republic, known as the Petro. The sanctions target all transactions "by a U.S. person or within the U.S. with any digital currency" issued by the Venezuelan government.
5. The Petro was adopted by Nicolas Maduro's government to bypass the financial blockade the United States and its allies has imposed on Venezuela, limiting its capacity to import goods.
6. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza shared the resolution and the vote via Twitter. Western nations, including Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain were among those who rejected the decision.
7. The Human Rights Council, meanwhile, said the measures "threaten the sovereignty of states... with a view to preventing these countries from exercising their right to decide, of their own free will, their own political, economic and social systems."
Propaganda Alert!
yallknow whoiam
If the US cares so much about human rights, why are they such good friends with reporter chopping saudia arabia?
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Putin is asked: Is it time for President Venezuela in Turmoil: Aid arrives but food 1 day ago   02:37

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