Europe considers legalising medical Cannabis Europa: Paris 2019 2 days ago   02:12

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Several US states pioneered decriminalising marijuana for patients and some European countries have followed suit. But it's still difficult for some patients to get the products they need despite laws changing.

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There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.
Cannabis is gmo now not the way nature made it
Darlene Sjostrom
Canada has done this and has not caused any difference except that medicinal products reach people that need it! This has not caused any problems, and of course is making money for the government!
Dallas Taylor
Cannabis is very positive and legalization is even more positive! So glad someone is finally addressing the dogma in civil servants! Why allow such oppression over a harmless plant? Alcohol is far more dangerous but messaging should be moderate, in the US its gone from extremely negative to extremely positive and its confusing to everybody.
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Cannabis Europa: Paris 2019 Europe considers legalising medical 2 days ago   03:41

Cannabis Europa is a unique conference which brings together international stakeholders, fresh perspectives and stimulating discussion to drive forward Europe’s burgeoning medical cannabis space.

On February 8th, Cannabis Europa was proud to host our first French conference, at Paris’ Maison de la Chimie, just steps from the Assemblée Nationale.

After a sparkling Welcome Reception the evening before, the full-day conference featured a series of deep dives into the complex regulatory landscape, groundbreaking scientific research, and the technical and business expertise that gives the European medical cannabis sector such promise.

Please enjoy this review of the days events, featuring a few of our world-class speakers:

Dr Rosemary Mazanet, Columbia Care LLC
Tjalling Erkelens, Bedrocan
Eveline Van Keymeulen, Allen & Overy
Dr Catherine Jacobson, Tilray
Cam Battley, Aurora Cannabis Inc.
Alfredo Pascual, Marijuana Business Daily
George McBride, Hanway Associates

Learn more:

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