DW reporter sentenced for investigative reporting Syrian War Report – Jan. 9, 2019: 2 days ago   01:53

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A court has sentenced DW reporter Pelin Unker to more than a year in jail over her "Paradise Papers" reports for a Turkish newspaper. Unker reported an alleged link between the sons of former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and an offshore account. Unker is appealing the ruling.
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Troll The Great
hypocrisy = europe in Turkish dictionary
Turkey is not in good condition because of Islamist people (%55~ of the country) and dictator Erdogan.
Arab spring.
kraiw john rever bot
Bad news
my penance
Is it typical for German reporters to be stunningly beautiful? I'm in love i think
suvignan pothuraju
Kick the Turkey out of NATO and other western alliance.
bong Scott
Should have dropped bombs after the 200 terrorist they took getting sick off the good guy paying while the other talks this talk but it's walk don't look so good while it expects everything including power.
Fried Chicken Now
Turkish jail ...insert joke here
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Syrian War Report – Jan. 9, 2019: DW reporter sentenced for investigative reporting 2 days ago   03:37

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