Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s Here’s why people think Melania 2 days ago   06:20

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Trump defends calling Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple,” suspicions of a fake Melania resurface, and connections are made between the president and the massage parlor owner at the center of Robert Kraft’s prostitution ring scandal.

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Trevor Noah should make a russia Gate episode 🤣
Mr.lonly Random
Why use a fake news out lite for your show ? When they don't even got a licenses to say that shit about that
Chris Pedersen
This is how many people love Tosh O
Curt Burchette
Every President has had all this backlash but everyone now wants candy cloud and every thing gave to them
Curt Burchette
I bet her loved Obama Bin Laden
Marianne Janis
But lighting doesn’t affect height since melania is almost as tall as Donald in her bare feet
Walter Smart
Cindy Yankem knows Trump and has had her picture taken with half the GOP congress!
Marvel Antonio
Trevor Noah ad before Trevor Noah video.
Clever girl....
Mister Perez
Mentally Absent Grandpa Asshat
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj
Why even say his last name?
Jon Jacoby
The Fake First Lady? Of course a stunt double for risky sex? Good thinking.
Mermaid We
The paper used in the trump inditements is threatening the ecosystem
Voice of Reason
And the commenters are acting like this is their news source ha ha
Voice of Reason
remember that this show is a comedy show. dont get your news from this one lol
Sujeyli Hernandez
You are ugly
Omar Morales Luna
Trump saving time and words reminds me of Kevin from The Office trying to save time by cutting down his already simplistic and childish way of speaking to the point nobody understood him.
You can't talk about saving time and words when you give rambling two hour speeches.
Tango Bango
But...But...Dump said he called him “Tim Apple” on purpose? AND...I believe everything that DUMPITY DUMP says!
takudzwa mazwienduna
I'm not a fan of the Donald, but to be fair, I know a lot of people who refer to someone with places or institutions linked to them. I even save some of my contacts as Juan Vodacom referring to Juan who works at Vodacom or Tatenda Economics referring to Tatenda the guy I remember from economics class in varsity. It's unlikely that Trump meant that as a real name but a reference that helps him remember him and it stuck. Even my weed guys are called Gerry AK47, Duwayne Cheese, Dumisani Skunk and Nelson Durban Poison😂, so I can relate to Trump in this case.
Buzz Garrison
His way of calling him a fruit.
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Here’s why people think Melania Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s 2 days ago   02:44

A crazy new conspiracy theory about the First Lady has recently gotten the attention of the Internet. Some Facebook and Twitter users seem to think that Melania Trump has been replaced by a body double after a recent TV appearance. The images have sparked a heated debate and, of course, plenty of memes and jokes. Following is a transcript of the video.

There's a new conspiracy theory about Melania Trump.

People on Twitter think she might have a body double.

Donald Trump: "My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here."

A woman on Facebook started the debate.

Then a man named Joe Vargas spread it further.

Other people started to chime in on the conspiracy.

Some pointed out a height difference in the photos.

Others thought her face looked different, and the glasses were used as a disguise.

There's also a Secret Service agent that resembles her.

People think the agent could be the body double.

It quickly turned into a meme, with plenty of jokes.

Ultimately, it's not true.

A side-by-side comparison shows this is Melania.

Other photos from that day also show it was her.

Here's a look at Melania without her glasses.

While the theory has been debunked, the meme lives on.


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