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Princess Rose and the Golden Bird Story | Bedtime Stories | Fairy Tales | Stories for Kids | Fairy Tales For Children | Kids Story | My Pingu Tv

Story Author: Sergey Nikolov

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Shanmukha Priya
Bhagyalaxmi mandal
Nice video😊
Anabelle Teng
sooooo.... she doesn't sleep?
Kevin Zamora
i love your video’s
I love it too
Making a story got talented, there more magical story the meets their eyes.
Arivazhagan C.K.
I love you rose
Sreenivas Punnath
I love it
julio cruz
How you edit your videos
FroacherFriends TheBestFriends
Love is stronger than evil
서인 라이브 TV
In 3:40 the 🌹👸🏼 is 😠at the 🕊
Look at her eyebrow!
서인 라이브 TV
My hair is brown!
My friend hair color is red+brown
MAFfin Gamerplayz
Well.. she does have eyebrows...

Its red so she can put her tears on it
It's cute but why in heavens would both of them pluck the other's hair to show loyalty and get married on the same day..? The fu...?
Darius C
I like the red hair
Brandeline Djopawiro
de black hair is not good
Molls Loves Kittens
This is one of my faves! I love My Pingu TV
The Real Zigabee
🌹🌷 This story is very entertaining. I love how it started and how it ended.🌹🌷
I hope prayers like that existed so I get to sleep in peace at night😂
Ruthsel ellera
ang ganda ng kwento
Asif Siddiqui
HAY my hairs black
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The Princess And The Pea | Stories for Kids | My Pingu Princess Rose and the Golden Bird 1 day ago   06:18

The Princess And The Pea | Stories for Kids | My Pingu Tv | Fairy Tales For Children | Kids Story | Animation | 4K UHD

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