The Galaxy Fold Is Just The Beginning... Google Pixel 3a - DEEP DIVE 2 days ago   58:30

Lew Later
Flexible displays are showing up in places other than the Galaxy Fold.
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00:00 basketball
4:40 Louis vuitton /fashion world
10:20 flexible display
11:55 apple card
17:53 youtube ads
23:28 1939 porsche
26:20 James Charles
41:50 making cars invisible
45:10 fan tweet
48:00 questions

Well i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
9latinum Studioz
26:20 You’re going to $ee Allot of Fake ppl Lose their platforms When nick6ondz blowwz Up 😤
those Master and Dynamic earbuds are great, I have them and I don't regret spending the $300 on them
Christopher Last Name
This channel has grown by 260,000 sub in less than two weeks!
Christopher Last Name
My uncle drives a truck for a living he told me two years ago about the roles of flexible screens they looked like giant paper rolls!
Dark Heart Creative
Ah come on LEW! Ya coulda said a little tiny something about how corrupt Goldman Sachs is lol.
Joojoo Junttila
Bagged milk was a thing in Finland in the 1960s-1970s.. Before my time. :)
Alex Zhukovsky
Lew, love your videos, but lately who has 1 hour of free time just to hear some review. Please make your videos short and to the point. Most people patience is running out after 15 minutes top. You're often also sidetracking to some other topic not related to the one you covering. You've been in this cave of yours for a very long time, you guys need to get out, get some fresh air, get laid for God sake, and re-unite with civilization :-). Cheers, love you guys!
Brianne Nagel
I love credit cards!
Starkweather Ironstorm
Wall-e Do is the best.
Adrian train
You could empty the bag and put it on the head support on your cars ftont seats, then kids have screens in the back of the car.........
Eder de León
41:50 THIS AI APPLICATION IS SUPER DANGEROUS. I immediately though of someone using this software to hack into the autonomous cars camera system and make the car itself ignore other cars to put the person inside the autonomous car in potential danger of crashing. OMG.
Samuel Benson
Apple is out of touch and confused now. It's sad. I used to love them. I've turned to Windows and Android in the last two years and haven't looked back.
You're really a great speaker.
jg schofield
LL cool j did this YEARS ago over 15 years or so... He wore a t-shirt to the mtv award's. that was displaying his music video in real time.
Shady Allaf
Yo man ... Just for the record ... There are multiple wizards in GOT .. lol 🤣
Brianne Nagel
Huge fan
edwin delfin
i can almost see a leather jacket w/ an oled screen on back
James Charles needs a woman in his life. That drama is really pointless too
Erick Cisneros
Porsche has always had a great eye for cars.... super cool!😎
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Google Pixel 3a - DEEP DIVE The Galaxy Fold Is Just The Beginning... 2 days ago   26:19

An extended discussion about the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL
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