The Galaxy Fold Is Just The Beginning... Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review 2 days ago   58:30

Lew Later
Flexible displays are showing up in places other than the Galaxy Fold.
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00:00 basketball
4:40 Louis vuitton /fashion world
10:20 flexible display
11:55 apple card
17:53 youtube ads
23:28 1939 porsche
26:20 James Charles
41:50 making cars invisible
45:10 fan tweet
48:00 questions

Well i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
F And
Eww another galaxy fold video
Jim Moss
*WILL* = *Jack* !!
Who agrees
Tobi Salako
That screen on the bag is wierd. It's like a wearable ad.
Tobi Salako
You're a Raptors fan. I'll subscribe
Mateo Montilla
Lew great podcast man!
Georgi Georgiev
get Jack on the couch
Lew is build before ww2 if it is 1939 that was beginning year od ww2
Theron Wells-Wright
Did I hear PewDiePie?
We’ve had bendable screens for a while, I remember Lenovo came out with a phone that bends around your wrist a long time ago
Great Comment on Cancel culture, Lew. The whole James Charles thing reminds me of the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive".
Rob I
Makes cars invisible 😀

Crosses road 😑
Jhony Blanco
Debt is good if you use it to your advantage. Get your credit scores up people! But yeah I’m getting a card. All my cards (3) get beat up and worn down fast.
Chad Derryberry
There is magic in Game of Thrones but it's very rare and it's done by priests instead of wizards.
Zubair Ahmed
The most naïve caption ever. Of course we all know that Galaxy Fold is the new thing and the new thing is just the beginning.
Shaf Serious
I want a LewLater Baseball cap
Denn Williams
I didnt know he was a Raptor fan lmao
good luck with that shit
MarchOf TheLorex
Form first function later, sounds like a Macbook pro ad.
li wu
Gossip channel now podcast instead tech giant politic
Just a minor correction - 1939 was the beginning of WWII, it ended in 1945.
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Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review The Galaxy Fold Is Just The Beginning... 2 days ago   13:39

My review and water test of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is the fastest android phone on the market - has no notch, no hole but is somehow VERY water resistant.
OP7 Pro -

The pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 allows this camera to have a completely clean front with no protrusions or visual obstructions. The curved edges look awesome but it's a change to the oneplus design that can hinder usability.

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