Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan Your world in 3D 2 days ago   03:02

We announced our self-driving car project in 2010 to make driving safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient. Having safely completed over 200,000 miles of computer-led driving, we wanted to share one of our favorite moments. Here's Steve, who joined us for a special drive on a carefully programmed route to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way. We organized this test as a technical experiment, but we think it's also a promising look at what autonomous technology may one day deliver if rigorous technology and safety standards can be met.

A version of this video with audio captions is available here:

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Mhd Elmurad
شكرا كثيرا يا صاحبي Terima kasih banyak Wahai teman ku di mana kita saling berbagi..
Maria Diaz
Ameerah E
I want one so bad 👍💞
Too bad it will NEVER happen. No matter how ("PERFECT") they develop them. No State will approve them on their roads, No insurance company will insure them and NO MANUFACTURER will make them. One accident. Your fault, their fault, nobodies fault the manufacturer will be sued by everyone to the 137th level of Hell. INSTANT bankruptcy. Look at the cars on the road today and the shape they're in. Some are rolling piles of feces. Now picture a 10+ year old self driving car that was never maintained. Would you want to share the road with it? Same goes for semi's. Oh HELL NO! Never happen. You can shelve self driving vehicles with the flying cars and jet packs. Neat experiments but will NEVER happen in any of our life times.
Jerry Stroud
This is Jerry Stroud
Mary Flores
This sad ( The music)
Randy White
No funkadelic
I bet in the future the police will be able to just turn your car off and make it useless so future criminals better learn how to run faster, it will be entertaining to watch them struggle after a quarter mile
Jose Flores
La tecnología al servicio de la humanidad, fabuloso e increíble que dirían mis abuelos si lo vieran o les contaramos ......
Ce R
Stupid laxzy robot nazi's want their imaginary utopia to be pushed on everyone because they know they will never see true paradise.
Anna Gauldin
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Frank Harry
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Your world in 3D Self-Driving Car Test: Steve Mahan 2 days ago   01:59

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