How US cuts to UNRWA impact lives 445,000 YEARS Sumerian Expert 1 day ago   07:07

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In 2018, US President Donald Trump cut all funding to UNWRA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. Around two million Palestinians live in sprawling camps in the Joradan cities of Jerash and Baqa'a. UNRWA funds are used to provide them with jobs and services. As DW's Aya Ibrahim and Abanoub Emad report, the budget cuts have had a severe effect on their lives. So who is picking up the slack?

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Corey Slater
these people should have been absorbed into jordan. Or other arab countries. We shouldnt have to pay their way, because their host countries do not want to absorb them. It would be more benefical if they were absorbed into Jordan, and then the US or whoever could pay the Jordain's money to help the absorption. These people don't need to give up their palestianian citzenship, they could just be dual. And not used as tools.
desmond waran
Call upon Erdogan and his Ottoman pride to fund you. Why do you need haram money from the Kuffars.
Kapil Verma
putra aceh
Hopefully the US will change its mind and extend helping hands for Palestinian..
Khadr Trudeau
Has the PLO cut pension for suicide bomber's family's? That's why Trump cut funding. Don't tell DW News.
Vic Damron
Those people have basic needs and look as if they are well nourished. Why can't they clean up their own trash? At what point do people need to take care of themselves. It's not the US's responsibility to take care of these people for 3+ generations.
Joe M
Why would we support people who want to destroy us and our allies? We are done supporting countries that don't support us.
Vernon Hastings
There are plenty of rich Arab countries who haven't stepped up. America is tired of people who eat our food, then curse us.
Yola Peters
Gooood no support (kufar money)to terrorists! How is it possible this kept on going years and years!
Btw no BDS for Israeli water? Selective?
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445,000 YEARS Sumerian Expert How US cuts to UNRWA impact lives 1 day ago   31:22

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