Keyring BEAR TRAP Build Zach King Most Unbelievable 1 day ago   07:45

Despite its looks this miniature pocket bear trap is not dangerous. The teeth are unsharpened and the spring is kept to a sensible limit.

Full instructions & template:

This build took me a while to get right. It took 4 or 5 revisions to this keychain trap toy to be fun, safe, and easy to build. It has roughly the same power as a clothes peg used for hanging out washing. Having said that use common sense should be used to keep them away from very small children or pets.

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I know you guys would love to buy these but I'm afraid I dont have time to make them, but I have free template on the website. Maybe a keyring manufacturer will see this video and mass produce them 🧐 Also, how cool would this trap be in Fortnite or PUBG?
Ayden Capobianco
Im so makin one
Tim Lewis
Anti pickpocket device
Malou89 Mos
Waw it's so beautiful 😃😃
Kim Grasedonio
That is not a toy it is dangerous
Carla Leal
Lo que duele
let's play
Sound Agar
7:10 for finger
Joshua Williams
👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👩‍🏫 your under arest
Valentin Partea
M m m m m m m m
Kannst du es mir schenken musst du es einfach nur noch zu mir schicken
Bruno Elizalde
Puedes hacer las armas de los guardianes de la galaxia
Семён Пивоваров
Я хочу себе токо брелок пожалуйста
LAo Deleña
WOW! How did u do this i'm inprest
Halili Ntar
Hana Hot
aaaaaaaaaaaaa finger
Carla Mayara
uo você. Tem. Ploplema. De. Cabesa
Arvind Kumar
Ad murs
I have to make myself a bear trap
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Zach King Most Unbelievable Keyring BEAR TRAP Build 1 day ago   10:17

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