Ukrainian Army Srike Back ⚡ Frontline War Update ⚡ Donbass , from 2 days ago   03:42

django jack
Ukrainian's soldier are solid VS Russian's Spetsnaz
Ukrainians took back most of the lands that was stolen, it's only matter of time when this conflict ends

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hi 69
Let Ukraine be Ukraine
Ukrainian + Russians = Neo Nazis especially Aznov or Arsenov as I call them.
Seriously! I‘m preaty sure that Ukranian forses wouldn‘t even be able to shoot back if Russia attack them. Ukranie is a bum state. That‘s my point of view.
Jakob Evans
Horrid musical choice
Pedemo Pedemo
AZOV - fascists and banders who voluntarily kill their fellow citizens. I hope they kick your ass ...
Duang Chuang
the star hunter
There isn't russian army in ucraina
Неймар Джуниор
Ребята русские не советую с Азовом связываться!
Russia is basically just a big terrorist there supporting the Ukraine enemy
Russian Army is that for real? Why they do not fight on Crimea where actually is Russian Army.
go go Russia ! Kill AU for war crimes during WW2 ! From Polsza jebane bandery.
Dominik Hutník Viktorovich Chlebnikov
all these hard men in the comment section here but no profilce picture of himself, ya´ll bunch of pussies this is a war on its own population u dumb fucks, maidan was arab spring so russia dont go help in Syria but we went anyway, azov nazis :) sparta battalion davaj na vraha
Fuck Russia.
Ryan VanGelder
Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦👍💪
Fuck up the russian pigs :) Kill them all unite Ukraine
django jack
civija mdr lol
django jack
civija you nazis love russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
django jack
ukrainian's soldier !!!!!!!!! love and france
django jack
nazis fuck
django jack
civija love russia nazis 1933 vs 2019 my and france war
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⚡ Frontline War Update ⚡ Donbass , from Ukrainian Army Srike Back 2 days ago   06:30

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