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The long awaited ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ film trailer dropped a few months ago, but unfortunately fans aren’t happy. Sonic looks less like a Sonic and more like a hellspawn demon baby. Paramount studios has already promised to try to fix things before the film releases, even delaying the movie into 2020, but can Sonic be saved? Is this movie already doomed to fail? Is it even possible to make a good Sonic the Hedgehog movie to begin with? Probably not, but I’ll make an 85% facetious video about it anyway. I've also included a special addendum on why you should consider me for your next romantic partner. Special thanks to Grogan Ardizzoni for help with this video!

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Lungo Playz
120% better
When he started explaining why you should date him... That was a mood.
Who should we date? (Coz i saw it on the title) r u talkin about dat we wanted to date sonic?


I agree to date him
IMakeChiliDogs -
That graph joke immediately made me think of spongebob
I think only one character would be a suitable live action partner to join Sonic in the movie...

*Big the Cat* obviously
Jeremiah Olide
but isn't it Sonic From Japan.........
Chaosken 11
Octane: Im Fast As Focc Boii!!!
Sonic: Im about to ruin this mans whole career
Markers Vs. Life
up, over and gone
ck Marcus Forbes 2
up over and gone
No One
Selfish but very true
Willy Shufflebottom
I wonder where Goofball goes/does when he's not on Brain Dump ?
i Thought His Ketch Fraze was, "Gotta Go Fast!"
Michael Thom
Top 10 reasons why Rouge the Bat is the best!

1. She's a bat
2. She's smart
3. Because she's really smart, she's very brave
4. It's the best makeup company ever.
5. Basically it looks like she'll have to save your planet
6. She's better than Amy
7. Because of DeviantArt
8. Even little kids will fall in love with her
9. She's a bat
10. Because no one will find this comment, I'm free to make this extremely stupid top 10 list!
Danielle Darling
I felt like a lot of young people were into sonic because sonic was easy to draw too

I should know, I was one of those people

*Throws away all my OCs*
Ishmello Kat
How to fix the sonic the hedgehog movie: Just don't make it live action
Jean G.
I’d much prefer the Space Jam style of animation-over-reality over that nasty CGI
Bring back burn bot
Edward Ross
The first 30 seconds convinced me that you are correct.
Ash Ketchum
Maybe when the movie comes out on DVD, you can make a sonic movie but it's only cartoon sonic like cut movie sonic out the best you can and put cartoon sonic in his place for all of his scenes?
but that's just my opinion
Sir Paddington
I will date you. How about taco bar 9.00 pm saturday?
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