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Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Check out his new show with Fortune Feimster called "What A Joke" available on SiriusXM.

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Siebe Albers
2:13:42 haha jordan peterson imitation
Joe: “it’s a drag. Deer get barbed wire stuck on their legs and it gets infected and coyotes find them and eat them alive.”

Tom: “ know what else is good? The sausage!” *yum noises*

Tom Papa is savage. 41:40
Brandon Rutledge
11:47 that's me.
Alex Brown
Is Tom placating?
Jane Beyer
Joe: *says something crazy*

Tom: “Geeze Louise!”
Dean Metz
For fucks sake, Joe is so hypocritical.
"If a guy pulled a woman's pants down, that guy's a piece of shit. That's sexual assault. But if a woman does it to a guy, who cares. It's funny."
He then makes light of a woman raping a boy and getting a light sentence.
Easily the most disgusting things I've ever heard Joe say. Maybe if Joe's daughters get raped, we can all laugh about it.
Zach Moody
2:02:47 at this very moment I thought “oh my god I was wrong about joe, he’s following his guest into a spontaneous tangent as if he were an actually funny person.” But he was being serious and it was yet another disappointment
Will See
Sometimes Joe really doesn't listen to his guests. Some episodes like this he takes too seriously and doesn't pick up on any of the humor coming from his guest. Sometimes I wonder if he is actually funny in person or if it's all written.
Adam Akinlade
is that good for plague
Galia Almagor
You can't say God in the Jewish religion. It's never spelled out in the torah i.e. G--
Luke Waack
Epstein had a hot "lawyer" spending 8 hours a day in a jail conference room with him. He was gaming the system the same way he did last time. Rich people don't do real time.
Evan Barnett
Does Anyone know if it was Peter Barnett teaching Yoga?
Evan Barnett
Go Peter!! That's Awesome!!
The Dr. Jordan Peterson impression from Tom Papa. Spot on! Haha
Steak Lover
Love the Tom Papa podcasts.
Brian HL
Ryan Kibler
Wrong Joe, the Pepe the frog has been hijacked and now is solely a symbol of white supremacy. The swastika was once a symbol of peace, now how do we ALL view it? Not saying it's fair, but once a symbol is used for hate enough, it no longer means anything else.
Plusmin cares
Ok, 90 seconds in and this guest already deemed himself funny, did obnoxious noises, boasted about his kid, and whined about moving in elementary school. WHAT A LITTLE BITCH! FUCK THIS!
Plusmin cares
That noise at the beginning made me give it an automatic thumbs down. I'll give it a few more minutes but so far FUCK THIS FOOL!
Pharaoh X
Big jre fan but tom is boring...
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Joe Rogan Experience #1130 - Adam Joe Rogan Experience #1333 - Tom Papa 2 days ago   2:23:50

Adam Frank is a physicist, astronomer, and writer. His scientific research has focused on computational astrophysics with an emphasis on star formation and late stages of stellar evolution. His new book "Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth" is available now on Amazon.

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