SHAMU the BIGGEST FISH in a GARBAGE Rescuing BABY Raccoon From 1 day ago   13:23

Catch Em All Fishing
Catching Shamu the biggest fish ever transported in a garbage bag!

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I want to see some sacrifices to the almighty Shamu
Reckless Savage
just catch bass and throw them in your personal tank , how do people like you get subscribers
Might have to stop keepin big bass I feel like you kill it every time
You should catch a small bass and raise a Shamu instead of take a Shamu from a body of water that it needs and drop it in a puddle bucket and make it adapt. She's a breeder. Just saying
Abdur Raqeeb Anwarullah-Lewis
Yo tht super saiyan edit was lit at the end😂😂💪💯
Angler Andy
Mike Long's Florida plug. Show us that plug walk.
Why would you keep that bass and put it in a tiny pond? That's plain inhumane. That bass deserves to stay in that pond where it is thriving. Fishermen like you are what's wrong with the fishing community. Taking trophy breeding bass out of a pond like that, and essentially killing them. What's different than the last few Shamu's that you killed? Nothing. You just keep killing big bass because you have no respect. Pathetic.
Benjamin Day
Why tf do you have a trophy fish like that in a puddle in your backyard?
Carina Brunstedt
She Will eat the crayfish/ blue lobster....😢
Mike Kilbride
I thought you caught invasive species. From fish tanks.
Why keep a bass? It's native
George Parmer
Someone needs to kick right you in your skinny brown 🐪 Jockys ,shit ALL YOU fucking foreigners keep EVERY DAMN THING YOU CATCH!!’s sad,really sad to see so many nice fish being snatched from the waters for selfish pleasures!
Natalie Arbis
pls not sacrifice turtle to shamu
Emyleigh Lynn
I have a pet bass that is like 4 inches
The fnaf theorist
I love you catch them all fishing
It’s Snipes
Plz stop flipping those big ass fish
2kmyteam Is ehh
Another huge bass to kill
Release it, stop keeping giant bass
Alexander Roach
What is the point of keeping these fish so they just die stressed let em go let em grow man
Carlos Verde
You should get like a small bass and keep it so u can see it grow big and it doesn’t die so early
Carson Beckman
When you gonna kill this one?
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Rescuing BABY Raccoon From SHAMU the BIGGEST FISH in a GARBAGE 1 day ago   14:48

In this video I saved a baby raccoon that we found drowning in a creek. We ended up drying him off and getting him the treatment he needed! New? Subscribe here!!
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Rescuing BABY Raccoon From Drowning In Creek!! (life saved)| Jiggin' With Jordan

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