Fox News LIVID Over Team How U.S. Women’s World Cup Win Has Refueled 1 day ago   11:59

The Damage Report
Fox News viewers are furious that the USWNT won the world championship. John Iadarola and Brooke Thomas break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook:

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"While most of America was celebrating the U.S. Women’s National Team’s record-setting fourth World Cup Championship win, some Fox News fans were bitterly stewing over the fact that team co-captain Megan Rapinoe scored the first of the two goals that would keep the cup in the U.S.

Rapinoe, who is openly gay, has become a sore point for fans of President Donald Trump after she told a reporter that there was no “f*cking” way she would go to the White House if invited — which has naturally made her a target of Fox News viewers."

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John Summers
It's hard to watch much women's football when it's not on tv. I watch every NWSL and USWNT game I can but you're lucky if there's one televised per week.
Edward Gutierrez
Nathan nomad, at least I am not a racist, hateful, ignorant liberal like yourself who can’t get over trump as president and the country finally on the right course. Fuck You you piece of shit. I was trying to be nice jaja
Brian Morris
Those women winning a fourth time is proof that america was great way before trump!!!!!
john doe
Now who hates our country. Fox news!
B. Chan
J. Marie
The four stars at the end of Pelosi’s tweet was for the four stars (four World Cup wins) on the new USWNT Jersey.
Edward Gutierrez
Fuck off you liberal loser
Astro Lopitek
Female porn stars make tons more money than their male counterparts. Same work same pay? Not that simple. Love your show and yes, I am a progressive.
John Naughton
Pay them the same, they win-who cares about the men.
Edward Gutierrez
Jajaj yep trump just played your idols the squad and none his approval ratings just went up to 50 percent Jaja stupid democrats you are playing checkers while trump is playing chess ajja
Cecil Treadwell
LIVID Tea promoted by Sean PANICKY.
Joyce Scanlan
Can someone tell me why she looks or is so much older than the rest of the team ?
She looks like , she is a team members mother. That's what I thought.
seriously, she must be near retirement.
15 minutes of fame and next week--- Rapinoe who ???🌺
Blake still in the game
Trump supporters the worst, when it comes to cracking so called jokes. OMG! Those MFS sooooo lame. I'm always telling trump supporters. If I give you a LOL, Will you please not try to crack jokes anymore
Fox fictional network is an enemy of the USA. Anyone who watches Fox fictional network is a traitor to America and belongs in GITMO.
Martial Lender
Rapinoe is not a team leader she is not a manager and not a soccer player because a real soccer player play for he's team not for himself and in thr national team wen you get paid from the US federation at least you respect your country... That is real soccer.. Watch us in Europe if you know Barca. Bayern. Psg. Real Madrid or the other 26 teams... This guys is soccer with honor and proud not this selfish mickey, mouse show that the USA TEAM CAPTAIN is giving to the soccer world... You do not play for any president in the national team you play, for the country wich flagg you have on the shirt madame!!!! Sade for the team hiding in the back yard...
Peter Hunsader
Fuck them, disgraceful bitches! They don't represent America, that's for sure.
Schwa Enigma
Where is the report for R kelly? Havent found any video of it on tyt
Pallab Sarkar
I see women's sports as clear-cut gender discrimination. It comes from a time when the world was a lot more segregated. However, now that gender equality is becoming a real thing, we should not be excluding 50% of the population from any activity especially when there is significant earning potential associated. In terms of why we watch sports, one of the main reasons is to admire someone with a skill level better than our own. While 9 out of 10 women might get that from watching the women's football world cup, for men that number might be 6 or 7 out of 10 (or lower, depending on the sport). Add to that the observation that culturally women tend to be less interested in activities celebrating direct competitiveness and of the 9 out of the 10 women who might be inspired by watching the sport, maybe only 2 of them would choose to do so over watching a favourite TV show or chatting with friends, etc. Men are much more likely to prioritize watching a sports event. There is an argument for creating a safe space to encourage partication in the sport such us age-related - like under-15, under-19 where we can understand the reason for exclusion and at the same time they are not clamouring for equal pay as the adults. To me women only sports leagues are more like under-19 as there is exclusion being applied to 50% of the population.
Pallab Sarkar
3:12 Seriously John, do you check to see if you can piggyback off something Cenk posted whenever you have an independent thought that someone else might also have had? This is the kind of area where you lose credibility with serious viewers. AOC extended a personal invitation. Pelosi's is a much more official invite specifically to reward the world cup trophy. Anyway, in the world in which we live in, senior members generally do not piggyback off junior team members without perceived loss of status.
Megan Rapinoe is a real American hero for giving the Orange Fuhrer and his Legion of Trumptards a giant middle finger with their victory. FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP! FUCK TRUMP! But you little Foxtards viewer already know that, don't you?
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How U.S. Women’s World Cup Win Has Refueled Fox News LIVID Over Team 1 day ago   05:41

Kavitha Davidson, sports writer for The Athletic, joins MSNBC to discuss how the U.S. women’s soccer team win plays into the team’s past gender discrimination lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation.
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How U.S. Women’s World Cup Win Has Refueled Fight For Equal Pay | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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