I HATE ANTHEM Anthem Angry Review 1 day ago   50:42

I Hate Everything
IHE delves deep into the latest looter shooter video game to join the pile, Bioware's Anthem.

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Lou RocYT
I hate ads
Lars Vegas
24:40 I found the male voice acting way better than the woman one, the male voice acting had more depth to it and more emotion, like Get glitched, didn't sound so bad for me with the male voice actor (what I found the most disappointing is the last 3 missions Mission of Valur, Might, Resolve, I hope they add more content. because I really liked the game! (i picked the game up for 18 euro's maybe that's why I didn't mind small mistakes). (Edit: she sounds off the woman's voice, it sounds fake, but the male voice makes everything better in my opinion. I liked the game up until the missions of Valur, Might, resolve, they suck and I expected that the story would continue after those mission but they didn't :(
Also if You had the Ranger javelin/suit, It looks less bulky and when you talk sometimes he opens his helmet so you can see the freelancers face)
Noah Gray
The True Sonic Fan!
Oh come on quit hating on Stuff Asshole
Enough Mirror494
I hate you
Ryan Massie
So wait, in the UK you pay 62 pounds but in the U.S you 60 dollars, that's an extra 10-15%
I want an apology video for that disgusting pie comment. #cancelihateeverything
A weird Person
Can he make the story but fixed beginning to end
timmy timmytimmy
i-cant play it cos
one poor
but i hear its handicap friendly/ broken

2 alrdy got a job im not paid for
3 nobody works to spend time with peeple
get a younger boi toy
Farahen Den
Make a "I hate Mars bar pie" video XD lol
I paid full price preordering this game, only to be yet again disappointed by a half assed game. Most of the dialogue in this game is so rushed that I could barely get a chance to comprehend anything that was said. I feels so....empty. And the shotguns need to be buffed properly, a pistol shouldn’t have higher attack stats than a shotgun. I should’ve skipped the game and saved for a better game.....
And no, actually, the game wasn't in development for six years. It was just around one year, because they kept fucking around during the first five, not achieving anything at all. I assume you already know about it at this point, but for the few who may not know - there's a lengthy Kotaku article about what actually happened during Anthem's development. Spoiler warning: It's absolutely fucking ridiculous.
Actually, no, they're not an extremely talented development team. The people who made those older Bioware games are _gone_ from the company. Just the name is left. _This_ Bioware isn't _that_ Bioware anymore.
... plus, the Mass Effect trilogy isn't the masterpiece the general casual audience touts it as, Dragon Age dropped hard in quality after the first... and so on.
Blue Xero
Theres another good story game thats an mmo.
I am a Unicorn
I do what I can. If a game I hear about is also called an online service, I don't buy it and generally ignore it.
I play a lot of indie games nowadays... and replay old games.
cody king
glad to know i’m not the only one who doesn’t like pie
David Jordan
Bioware's next game, that was originally envisioned by EA executives, will be simply called "The Loot Box Game". It will be in essence all the loot boxes, and none of the pesky game to get in the way … it will be their crowning achievement.
Neil Weatherley
You got anything on rainbow six siege
Alexandr K.
Anthem is just a Destiny clone, and not even a lazy clone, it’s just a copy.
Robert E. O. Speedwagon
You don't like pie delete this video and your channel right now.
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Anthem Angry Review I HATE ANTHEM 1 day ago   50:41

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