Ukraine crisis: The town where Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: 10 months ago   04:02

BBC News
The conflict in Ukraine is entering its second year and a ceasefire, nominally in place since February, has failed to stop the violence in areas around Donetsk airport. Among the hardest hit is the village of Pisky. It had a population of 3,000 before the war started, but now only a handful of civilians remain. Fergal Keane has been granted exclusive access to the village, which has been sealed off by the Ukrainian army.

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Robin Breeds
Ilovaisk Massacre: 1000 Encircled Ukrainian Soldiers Were Killed Together With Russian Captives.
Кос Мос
Я живу в фашистской Украине....Помогите!!США перестать убивать своих детей
Neil Korpal
I would created peace hear and told the USA to get out .all the USA military does is cause Problems ware ever they go on this planet.
Tony TheBrave
This US bastards bribed everyone in the West. The only thing they can do is to be engaged in falsification of facts. The war will not stop there till real Russian army crush them.
One of the best four minutes the BBC has produced. Well done.
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
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Евгений Викторович
Russia get out of the Ukraine
Che Burashka
well, and for an other time the situtiation or how you like to call it "crisis"(not war) in ukraine very good explained. I like to call it constructive and detailed. Well done bbc, well done...
Eva Dugina
BBC wants you to believe that Minsk agreement is false bcz they want to introduce USA in Minsk format or even smth worse. There few hot spot in the demarcation line, but now instead of 4000 of victims in one month as it was before the Minsk Agreement in 3 monthes just 15 civilians were killed in Donetsk Republic instead of thouthands. So BBC as usual brain-wash abject liar who is propaganding the war. Shame on BBC!!!
Bob B.
To see, not all war criminals and executioners executed, if they still in power and impudently launch the wars, even against neutral countries. Ignoring, not only opposition of aggression, but also common sense. Putin, with his very greedy company, instead of sending thousands of Russians to slaughter, instead of interfering and bombing the peace cities and villages, to force and kill the civilian population of others country, could make a peacefully agreement  with the Ukrainian representatives. And offer them the price, or an equivalent exchange of territories.
As it was in India, where Muslim and Hindu communities were at enmity. And after the section, there was Pakistan, which for the same reason was divided, and there was Bangladesh. It is necessary to put these villains, the launched war and arranged human accident, face to face with these people. That the all victims, could spit in their blood-thirsty and ugly faces.
Krzysztof Pajak
Russia get out of the Ukraine
Добрый Человек
There are some russian army units ( such as artillery, military intelligence, instructors, snipers, etc), volunteers from russia( citizens of russia, they fights for money ) and local pro-russian fans( which fights for money ) fights with Ukrainian army / Ukrainian National Guard and Ukrainian volunteers (which now is joining into army). Also russia supplies to fake "rebels" equipment, weaponry even which Ukraine never had in its army. At the same time russia conducting propaganda to hide this facts. They will never admit guilt. To be sure of this just remember story with cold war USSR and USA. USSR for a long time not admit there guilt of there positions of nuclear weapon on Cuba.
What a shame the old suffer like this Russia stop your war against these brave people.
Powerful piece.
Geostrategic Insights
Intensification of conflict will reduce any chance of decreasing sanctions on Russia. Skirmishes will continue, but will probably not escalate.
Серега ЧижЪ
and at the BBC have the courage to show thousands of broken bodies of children and women killed Ukrainian army ??!
Серега ЧижЪ
where the report of the Boeing crashed. Who is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people. the United States has blood on their hands.
Gaza kingpin
Well I got to give bbc thumbs up for not playing hypocrisy on Ukraine for the first
Dardania Lion
Not many things or many videos make my tear come out but this video, did make me cry. That couple and that old mother with her disabled son was just too much for me. May God help you guys live peaceful, may God help Ukraine be peaceful.
Pericolo L.A
I feel so bad for these people and suffering they have to go through because of their governments. God bless them all.
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Meet the Texan Fighting for the DPR: Ukraine crisis: The town where 10 months ago   13:18

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