What Really Happened to Jeffrey EPSTEIN DEAD: 5 Hard Facts 2 days ago   13:16

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1333 w/Tom Papa: https://ufl.ae/videow/sa5ticJi3A4

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C Trey
Damn the dude look like a bear hug lover 😂🤣
Kristian Herdi
Nice to see that the democracy is still alive and well in the USA!
Muscles Marinara
If you keep getting me the juice I’ll put this dude on ice !! I just spit water across my house ctfu!
Robert 6870
The clown talking with Rogan ..is the MOST annoying guy in the world - Al Frankin look a like -
Rusty Shackleford
Joe...treat your staff better and stop being a dick.
Shermer is the Septic Skeptic. He's never skeptical about the government or politicians or religious leaders, the people who, of course, are naturally the least likely to lie to us.
Matt Kaeder
Answer. Same thing that happened to JFK, MLK and Princess Dianna.
jim james
Joe really wants to be in a jail cell with him to practice some grappling and ground and pound.
Brittany King
You’ve kicked it in gear Joe! THANK YOU!!! Keep up the speculation!! They tell us conspiracies realists that we “can’t speculate.”
Jason Bates
i have a couple questions we keep looking at the clintons or trump! there is one thing more powerful than both of them that can touch anyone anywhere! can walk in and out any cell block anywhere~ they make you see one before the death plan! the fucking pedo catholic church
Jason Bates
soups chips wham whams and pushup water bags ! is how he stays that jacked
Omar El Zamouri
Just look into it
William Gonzales
Makavelli anyone...?
Jeremiah Bayles
Was he beaten to a pulp?
Rant Therapist
Kevin Spacey's public poetry killed him. That shit was awful.
kalvin warren-mccarthy
Seth rich r.i.p
lauren donahue
Joe u compromised
I think it's very possible Epstein planned his Suicide and had it arranged with the guards so that they got paid to turn the other way and have plausible deniability. But I do also very much agree that he had a lot to say that could've helped make the world a better place, in the long run, by exposing not only 1% sex trafficking rings; but also insight on what's really going on with the global economy and international banking
lauren donahue
"Yo....that is a dope temple btw."
Ok ....
Ryan Duehning
Illuminati can't be stopped
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EPSTEIN DEAD: 5 Hard Facts What Really Happened to Jeffrey 2 days ago   15:11

Steven Crowder goes through the absolutely insane -- and REAL -- facts surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's case and "suicide."

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