How Aquaman Should Have Ended Top 10 Aquaman (2018) Moments 1 day ago   06:28

How It Should Have Ended
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How Aquaman Should Have Ended

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Comments 9968 Comments

Purple Juice
2:29 because I’m Batman
Sam Routh
Shark bait
Scarlet Phoenix
Lol, Seriously though. That movie was great.
Kimball Belliston
What, no Jango Fett joke?
Matthew Sun
Dad at 0:46 looks like the Jango Fett design in their Attack of the clones HISHE
Trailblazer Lazer Razer :D
Damn it I can imagine Jason Mamoa having a comeback like that in the Diner 😂😂😂 especially with the “Wooooh!” at the end.
meidy bernardez
0:23-0:25 I wish he would do it to Thanos
Gacha Gryffin
Aquaman:And there names aren’t Martha
Batman: Well your not Batman!
Aydan Guzman
Shark bait oh ha ha
Emmanuel Epelle
Shark bait moo haha
Conrado Javier
If you do a Shazam HISHE, Please have Superman & Batman appear in The Foster Kid's School.
Generic Bounty Hunter
He did make it look epic and exciting. Aquaman and suicide squad are the only good dc movies in my opinion
mdamirul islam
5:03 funny part
Irene Bernardo
1:41 I just literally saw an orca
Ninja in Training
Me: Aquaman has both his parents..
Hitman: “hold my beer”
Blue Foxx
Hers fishy fishy fishy

Ben Mushak
Aquaman the savage!!
Apoa's Demon
That Toothless killed me XD
Anthony Hill
and... Aquaman can fly now. huh
Anthony Hill
Aquaman man made 1.148 billion soo yeah Aquaman's better
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Top 10 Aquaman (2018) Moments How Aquaman Should Have Ended 1 day ago   11:25

Top 10 Aquaman (2018) Moments
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The DCEU has had a rough ride so far, but with the great Aquaman and the upcoming Shazam, it seems like they're on the right track! Jason Momoa's new flick has its fair share of great moments, including an incredible final battle, Arthur vs. Black Manta and Atlanna: Warrior Queen! What are your favorite moments from Aquaman?

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List rank and entries:
10. Arriving in the Sahara Desert
9. Arthur’s Parents Meet
8. The Trench Attack
7. Atlanna Warrior Queen
6. Submarine Showdown
5. The Ring of Fire
4. Arthur vs. Black Manta
3, 2 & 1. ?

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