CLEETER MULLET REVEAL + Our FIRST I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design 1 day ago   22:29

Cleetus McFarland
Finally time to see what the ol 3rd Gen Camaro can make! Do them Big Blocks really make as much power as we've heard??

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Casey Curran
You better like the fookin video, we need James in a mullet
Robert O'Neill
How have 890k people watched and only 195k 👍👍👍 cmon team! Let's get it did for Murrica! James needs a new dew (pun intended)!
Wasn't there a Suzuki van burnout car called Toaster in Australia?
Adam T
more likes
How is this video not at 200k yet? I'm about to make another YouTube account just to like this fucking thing.
John Lloyd
I know you want to take "Toast" to Australia to show off huge big-block power. But if you're looking for smoke, why not bring "Neighbor?" Any car that sets itself on FIRE when it does burnouts must be pretty spectacular already. "Toast" has a long, long way to go...
Nathan Miller
New Shirt: Fullllllll Mulllllll. Nothing is more ‘Murican than Full Pullllllls and Full Mull(ets).
christopher peterson
The mullet boys......
Instead of TOAST, I think TOASTER be a little better.
Jeff Parker
I was wrong.. that engine is sick. They need to tune it.
Jeff Parker
I'm at 13:04, my guess is 485hp.
Jeff Parker
Solid lift engines rattle like that.. It's part of the fun! When it gets warm most of it will settle down though. :D :D
Mc Earl
I can’t wait to hear a wicked big block on YouTube. We don’t get that too often these days.
Corvette Guy
Make sure to pull the hood off of the Camaro, nothing else you have has a hood on it! LOL!!
6k likes away from the mullet
Dale Dan Tony will have some pointers for growing that red white and blue mullet
Easy Come Easy Go
Time for that mullet James
Only 7k more likes get ready james!!!!!!!
Adam McDowell
Anybody know what kind of shifter is in this car???
Screaming z1
“Why don’t you fog it like you mean it!” Lol!!
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I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design CLEETER MULLET REVEAL + Our FIRST 1 day ago   24:00

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