Releasing A Wasp Nest in my House Guess How Many Yellowjacket Hornets 1 day ago   19:22

Just Joshing
This has to be the craziest video yet. I'm excited to see where this all leads.
Be sure to watch to the end!

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Marco Pusceddu
This guy is awesome
Sim Yen Hwee
Where is the queen?
hailey fonseca
8:35 Bruh your vent is open wtf. They finna go throughout the house 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Surya Parnell
I'll be so scared ill cry im scared uv bug
Jim Peters
They can escape through the outlets too you know
Kelsey White
Has he lost his damn mind!
What an idiot!
Goth Kalma
I didn’t realize I was so scared of wasps that watching this has made me feel like fainting twice 😂
Not only is this stupid, it's also disrespectful to the wasps. At least offer them a nice habitat.
CityJay TV
Your sister is beautiful sorry
Isaac Aleman
When the video started I thought I was on a whole different ass video 💀
Jay y
Yo if yall don't mind while yall scrolling through the comments can yall check out and sub to my channel i got a banger otw
Hayden Tuttle
Yea until you pull your covers over you at night and theres a wasp in there with you, or when they get in your clothes and shoes...
Hayden Tuttle
Ok but at least know how to properly handle them before you do this
is it normal that it scares me to watch this video.
SeeOhAreBeWhy .A.
Cover the air vents
Robert Hall
I would do it if I lived alone
Peyton Lewing
The vents they can get through out the house! The vents connect the entire house went air. You may want to put some kind of mesh system so they can’t go in the vent
What about the heat duck on the ceiling
Puppy Love Time
Oh yea time for waspfulls
Nicholas Campbell
But what about the vents on the ceiling they could go thru and kill people
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Guess How Many Yellowjacket Hornets Releasing A Wasp Nest in my House 1 day ago   10:24

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