Tommy Chong - Sting Operation: Byron Bowers - The Day I Found Out - This 1 day ago   12:39

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Tommy Chong recalls the morning the DEA raided his home and how he was sent to jail for making bongs. (Contains strong language.)

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Booker DeWitt
His cellmate was Jordan Belfort, the infamous Wolf of Wall Street.
Dale Nelson
God bless him. Shows how ridiculous law enforcement is
Kenny Westone
Wow, the worst things happen to Tommy and he tells these stories with a smile on his face with the nost positive attitude. I want to be like him. Just find the funny things in life and enjoy the bad things because you can learn from them.
Is this the guy from That 70’s Show
Diran 2003
Everyone in the room must have been high because they were just laughing at anything he said and way too much
Mike Angel
God I hate America.
Tommy, you should have asked the judge, 'If marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug (no medicinal use), then why does the government have a patent (6630507) on it?' Oh, that's right, the judge wouldn't allow the truth in his (kangaroo) court!
Man, it's amazing that he can go through such an experience and joke about it. This so called war on drugs is evil.
Nero Bruno
Even non-smokers and anti-smokers shake their head at the waste of taxpayers money and sheer PETTINESS of going after this nice gentleman. Really?? How about the pharma people pushing opiods....
President Camacho
Tommy's so high I got a contact just watching this.
Lambent Kith
I just realized how much Tommy Chong looks like Stanley Kubrick.
James Twining
A national treasure.
The SqueezeBox Comedy Group
The Comedy Central logo keeps making me press L2 for Paragon...
Dan Kidd
I want to thank our government's brilliant leadership and those brave DEA jackboots for keeping our world safe from congenial, burn-out 1970s comics and their bongs.
Bama Sasquatch
That was so wrong the dea infiltrated his company and the actual agent went behind the bosses back and shipped to Pennsylvania which prior they told the 3rd party that was illegal. So the agent should have went to jail. But at least Tommy really wanted to go and was treated like a celebrity on vacation for 9 months.
You can tell it's fictional comedy because it was a white dude robbing a black dude.
Ben Estey
He still pulls this bit off well. Its not even the exact same as when i heard him tell it the first time.
Im just starting but its bits like this that r inspirational
"i was high, so i was a reatard" fascinating
I knew this story.. but.. but.. I never knew the dea sent a guy to get a job n ship them himself. I never heard his sY that n didnt hear it anywhere on the news. I can't believe they got away with such bullshit charge.. that in its self is criminal on the dea's part. So corrupt, major bullshit.
kaito tatsuya
Born: May 24, 1938 (age 80 years)
You know you're a legend when you see a SWAT team as trick-or-treaters.
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Byron Bowers - The Day I Found Out - This Tommy Chong - Sting Operation: 1 day ago   14:07

A rare opportunity to spend time with his father turns sour for Byron Bowers when he gets abandoned in the projects.

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