NewsFeed – Uighur musician was reported Exiled Uighurs in Istanbul fear 2 days ago   15:13

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- Abdurehim Heyit was detained by the Chinese state in 2017. His music is an inspiration to the Uighur people. Now it’s not known if he is alive or dead

- Grammys and BAFTAs give out trophies

- Hairy apes bust out for a bit in Belfast

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Cedric Wai
What about Uighurs killing innocent people at train stations,at Urumqi and at Tiananmen Square? Always one sided story from those who have left China and spread propaganda.
Mr Leong
China should remind Turkey of the hospitality it extended to Armenians, Syrians and Assyrians - the massacre of over 1.5 million of them.

Time Turkey lived up to their crimes.
Only heard Diliraba ,never heard Abdurehim Heyit.
ggh aasd
😭😭😭 one million turkish will die in China
Peacebuilding Doctor Association
god, dad, amerika, 1srael,
plz, plz, help ur puppet, cia, fbi mossad,
plz, plz, help ur poor stooges.
chinese are killing mass turkey pigs. it's unlimited rampage, instant mass slaughter.
it's time to call "Amnesty International"
China is Legion of Allah. when you challenge Allah, you are asking for death.
Allah blessed China engraved new rules for those shameless Turkey pigs:
1>. with CIA, no life anymore
2>. With Separatist, no lives of whole families.
3>. With Terrorists, no lives of whole clans.
Hamza L.
Allah bless and protect turkey and erdogan. Allah help uighurs oppressed by communists terrorists.
Kong Wee Peh
Diliraba is much much more popular than Abdurehim Heyit.
Musician dead ,then still alive ,then dead agian....
this channel is a joke
Günter Tomas
Chinese are very scared! All world knew the truth about Chinese camps!
GoldenMelody Value Investment
they shout Turkeys pig, they murder Turkeys without any procedure of court, they rape, butcher and mass humiliate Turkeys just because they claim themselves are real superman, the God chosen, true evolved, higher level class of human-being. if it is not racism and Nazism, what is?
Wael Ali
We want to see how Muslims live in chins
That Uygur singer is dead the videos was actually taken 2018.
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Exiled Uighurs in Istanbul fear NewsFeed – Uighur musician was reported 2 days ago   02:53

As China is under pressure for its treatment of Uighur Muslims in East Turkistan, here’s a report from June 2018 highlighting the plight of Uighurs and China’s indoctrination camps.
#China #Uighur #UighurCamps

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