BHAD BHABIE feat. Kodak Blueface - Thotiana Remix ft. Cardi 1 day ago   04:15

Bhad Bhabie
My bestie is DMX and he will kill you⚒💀 Bhad Bhabie x Kodak Black x Killer Clown Bestie Official Music Video 🤡Stream BESTIE feat. Kodak Black NOW at 👯‍♀️ produced by D.A. Doman

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🥇WaTch “Yung And Bhad” feat. City Girls (Official Audio) ➡️
👂🏻StrEam "Yung And Bhad" feat. City Girls⏯
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👀 WaTcH “Trust Me” music video ➡️
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Lake City Boi
♻ ♻ ♻...😒💥🔫
xxx tengame
Lover of Mistress Death
I'm subscribing to unsubscribe㊙️🏴^o^
Dr Phil didn’t help enough
Stop this 15 years old
Fucking shit should get a taste in real music that actually takes talent
K-OS of Dead Reckoning
Lmao sadly she is better than all this BS mumble rappers these days! Fuck it do your thing!
Felix Loris
Isaiah Urlich
Girl how young are U
Prisha Bansal
Love this song!
Andrew Barash
You realize she's reppin Satan right?
Justice Van Dyke
Omg love❤❤
WoahThere YT
Danielle broccoli
Kim Dominguez
She's wearing the same sweater that Billie eilish was wearing when she was doing the video bad guy check it out
Tre Pilorge
Not hating but she could have done a better video
Zy'Yana Lewis
Girl can't believe they made a challenge with you song go head besttie
Riley Cunha
I have not stopped watching this and singing it
Reo Tries
*First person to do a AD in the middle of a song*
Ashley Wymer
Wow...a little girl got famous for being disrespectful. The video sucks her music sucks! She reminds me of the woman who did “Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday” She definitely has a mental problem!
Alana Adams
I sing this song to my best friend
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Blueface - Thotiana Remix ft. Cardi BHAD BHABIE feat. Kodak 1 day ago   04:01

Lyrical Lemonade Presents:

Blueface - Thotiana Remix ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video)

Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Scum Beats
3D Animation by Tilla Vision
Director of Photography by Corey Jennings
Steadicam by Quaid Baca
Executive produced by Sal Tarantino

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