How junk science convicted an innocent The big problem with how we pick juries 1 day ago   11:10

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Robert Lee Stinson's trial shows how the judicial system lacks an effective filter to catch bad science before it's used to convict innocent people.

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False Positive is a 30-minute documentary, split into three parts, focusing on the conviction of Robert Lee Stinson. 

Stinson was wrongly convicted of murder on the basis of forensic bite mark evidence. Through his arrest, trial, and exoneration, Vox producer Joss Fong explains the structural flaws that make the US criminal justice system vulnerable to bad science.

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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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Joss Fong
Thank you all for watching the 2nd episode of False Positive. Next Wednesday, we'll post Part 3 (the final episode.) If you have any questions about the story or how we made the series, I'll be hosting a livestream Q&A on February 7th for members of the Vox Video Lab: You can leave your questions here as well.

Also, just a note that Daniel Blinka, the Assistant DA who brought the charges (he appears in part 1) left the DA's office before Stinson's trial, to teach at Marquette University. So that's why he isn't in this episode - a different prosecutor tried the case.
I bit my arm to test some of this stuff
How on earth did this so called dentist not see that the central was missing and not the lateral incisor?? I'm pretty sure that he knew he had made a mistake on this first examination and he was trying to cover up his mistake.
T Pain
Murder may be a crime

But stealing someone innocent’s years of life is more worse then any crime there is.
So he had a bad lawyer who didn't notice the flaw in his dental records?
Haha 99
White people......
Alex Erhan
1000th comment
Anyone else wondering why he just lied about what he did that night? Like if the police ever question me ima be telling them everything I did for the whole week not just the night
I dont care about shitskins
galactic offital
Let me see the race card for all my African Americans.(I’m black btw)
NinjiGuy Chuong
From not on always do a lie detector
As soon as Wisconsin was mentioned, they weren't after the truth
Chris Sean
he was black - easy conviction
Peyton Morrison
Arturo Bugarin Correa
Like Pontius Pilate that judge simply washed her hands. You can tell she doesn't care about him.
I live in the Milwaukee area and it's cool to see a series based there
Dov Lifson
wait, did they release stinson when they found the real murderer?
*People in the comments*
>Three part series talks about how a pseudoscience covicted an innocent man
>Dentists makes errors that result in Stinson being put away
>"YUP! It must be rAcIsM!"
MKE arts
why is it only one comment here
Brandon Stennett
Hey ,favor could you guys explain the NO BAIL SWEDEN SITUATION ? would help us ASAP.
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The big problem with how we pick juries How junk science convicted an innocent 1 day ago   08:30

A legal loophole makes juries less diverse.

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Four years after the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, the police officer, Jason Van Dyke, faced his day in court. But in a trial where race became central to the case, there’s only one black person on the jury. And that’s in a county where nearly a quarter of people are black. How did this happen?

In jury selection, racial discrimination has historically been tricky. Discrimination isn’t allowed in jury selection, thanks to what’s called a “Batson challenge.” But the problem is — Batson has been widely regarded as a failure at keeping racism out of the jury box. Watch the video above to find out why that is, and why it complicates the prospect of a fair trial by jury. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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