How junk science convicted an innocent Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t 1 day ago   11:10

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Robert Lee Stinson's trial shows how the judicial system lacks an effective filter to catch bad science before it's used to convict innocent people.

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False Positive is a 30-minute documentary, split into three parts, focusing on the conviction of Robert Lee Stinson. 

Stinson was wrongly convicted of murder on the basis of forensic bite mark evidence. Through his arrest, trial, and exoneration, Vox producer Joss Fong explains the structural flaws that make the US criminal justice system vulnerable to bad science.

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Part 3:

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Joss Fong
Thank you all for watching the 2nd episode of False Positive. Next Wednesday, we'll post Part 3 (the final episode.) If you have any questions about the story or how we made the series, I'll be hosting a livestream Q&A on February 7th for members of the Vox Video Lab: You can leave your questions here as well.

Also, just a note that Daniel Blinka, the Assistant DA who brought the charges (he appears in part 1) left the DA's office before Stinson's trial, to teach at Marquette University. So that's why he isn't in this episode - a different prosecutor tried the case.
Rhea Rodney
the only technique he used to identify the man was racism
Dude why is everyone making everything about race nowadays, like there was literally a murder and all people care about is race. I don’t wanna hear “oH wELl yOu dOnT knOw whAt itS lIkE” “yOu aRe pRObaBlY nOt bLacK.” Just stop..
Screw You
They should give him a million dollar for each year he spent in jail.
Obsidian Wildfire
The concept of a jury is absurd.
I wonder why he changed his story
The whole system was so RACIST!!!#
Arfan Eka Diandra
The real killer was Moses Price, Jr.
The one
She a racist
The one
He was black,so even if he's innocent,still guilty
eclaire 27
That judge is a despicable. I wonder if she even feels any remorse for allowing this junk science to steal this man's life
Use Adblock
Khal Bantog
they need Elle Woods here
Cade Griffin
Too many snowflakes in these comments, the poor kid changed his story which nobody is pointing out. Sad, but what do you want them to do?
Place holder name
It’s so sad people try to make every struggle a colored man faces based on race. This story did take place in the past which at the time there was likely still heavy racial tensions. However, if the people who claim race was a factor actually payed attention to the video, instead of becoming blinded by rage, would see the truth. In the past bite marks were used and believed to be accurate, after all, all cases using the evidence concluded smoothly. This doctor believed that his study was well fit for solving this case, and I believe he was passionate about catching the real killer using multiple methods to catch the killer. When the doctor made his first mistake, he then convinced his self that he was right in his conclusion. There are probably some more factors to consider. I wish for a world which people didn’t try to find reasons to hate one another, it really isn’t a matter of race, people want a reason to hate another person, at least this is how it feels to me. Pls try to be more positive, there is plenty of hate to go around already.
Isak Bagner-Andréason
Why didn’t they just have him bite like a piece of flesh with skin to see if it matched?
finn bell
stinson was a horrible speller for a 20yo
Sub Marine
jewish men are so racist and hate black people.
why did the boy lied tho
i mean yeah he's innocent, but he should've told the truth instead of lying
They convicted him because he is black..

Truly an American way.
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Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t How junk science convicted an innocent 1 day ago   03:55

For a thrifty shopper, a “Buy one, get one” (BOGO) deal can sound like the best way to get more bang for their buck. But the appeal of BOGO is why it’s hard for consumers to see it for what it is.

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BOGO is meant to get you to spend more money, not less. The deal disguises the fact that, unless you already intended to buy two items, it really isn’t all that big a discount.

The Goods by Vox explains what we buy, why we buy it, and why it matters.

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