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Josh 123
Bro miles need a YouTube channel
Music Side
nice work
Jordon_cam #1
He said infinite health it is spawn protection
GamingWithMelany GamingWithMelany
1:07 he almost said oh sh**
Bravest NumberYT
Roses are red violets are blue yall want attention cause your mum dont love you
Julie Hickman Thompson
Bro he shouldn't get extra time
john snow
let me play for i phone
Ezequiel Moreno Jr
He would have lost if his brother didn't give him extra more time
jacks channel
Exility why did u keep showting at miles one time cause he didn't pull back by the way you kept bringing ur fists up 😟😟😟😟😟
Macorley Cobb
You or the best
George Rodriguez
Oof just an x and not an xs
Lutho Fekisi
This kid is gonna become entitled if u keep doin these things and he’s not gonna work for anything
Gemma Ashton
Well done
William Jones
My mans 1ft 2 lol
meme gaming
Fack apple
meme gaming
fack aplle
Angela Gay
😂 Lol
Big brobro: are you hyped
Little brobro: yea!
**drops phone**
dogethedog meme
I did one
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15 athletes who celebrated too early

There's no better feeling than winning, when all your hard work pays off, just look at athletes they put years into practising and they go crazy when they celebrate but maybe these particular athletes should have concentrated and not celebrated so early, today were going through 15 athletes that celebrated too early

This first college trackstar makes a huge mistake when he believes he is miles in front of the other runners, he tries to get the fans to go wild just before he crosses the finish line as he slows down, but just before he is about to cross the finish line another runner catches up and actually beats him to the finish line

This next footballer celebrates wayyyy way to early, this clip is actually hilarious, the footballer scores but is offside but he doesn’t know this as he jumps over the board behind the goal and runs all the way towards the crowd looking completely foolish as he is forced to come back and accept that it didnt count

This next cyclist starts celebrating a lap too early, he completely takes his foot off the metaphorical accelerator and slows down hand in the air in celebration, but he is a 1 lap too early as the other cyclists race past him, this is why you should always put in 110% just in case you finish too early

This next footballer is next up in this penalty shoot out, the goalkeeper seems ready and knows where the player is going to go and he actually saves the shot, the goalkeeper saves the ball and palms it out but while its still moving the goalkeeper celebrates but as he walks off the ball goes rolls back into the goal

This next clip was very famous this mma fight was becoming very tense but joe harding the fighter in red gloves thinks he has the upper hand so he starts showboating and takes his eyes off his opponent which is never a good idea in brutal sports like mma, as hes showboating his opponent kicks him in the face and knocks him out

This next goalkeeper suffers from the same fate as the last, this goalkeeper doesn;t actually have to do anything as the penalty hits the crossbar but miraculously the ball comes out and rolls into the net which is a 1 in a million shot and the goalie is gutted

This next runner does actually end up finishing the race at the right time but when he does celebrate he hurts his foot literally flooring him, whats worse is that this was caught on live tv
This happens while the other runners run past him staring in embarrassment

This next moment is why you should always wait for confirmation before you celebrate, when this boxing match goes to points, one of the fighters is 100% sure hes won the fight but after he celebrates the referee holds up the other fighters arms

This next nba moment is insane, this match is very tight and the clock is ticking with only seconds left ohio state score and celebrate as they are drawing but while they are celebrating penn state shoot from halfway down the court and score winning them the game in the last second

This nfl clip shows watkins about to score, if hed just concentrated instead of celebrating he would have easily helped his team catch up to the buffalos but he got cocky and paid the price as he is tackled before he is able to score

The atlanta braves baseball team has a very unique part to their games, they have a segment to the baseball games where fans race the freeze who is a very fast mascot dressed like ice with ice goggles, this fan thinks hes beaten the freeze and slows down trying to get applause from fans but the freeze comes up behind him and snatches the win away from him and as he passes the guy falls over

This next nba clip is the definition of why you shouldn’t get too cocky, this player throws the ball trying to score a 3 pointer, the player watches the ball float towards the net as hes seen thousands of times but as it hits the rim he turns around and shows off to the camera, but the ball hits both rims of the net and bounces out

This volleyball team huddle together as they think they have won the game and there is no way the other team can come back as they think the other team forfeited a point due to a foul, they literally huddle around each other but one of the other teams players keeps the ball in play the referee confirms there is no foul and the other team score keeping them in the game

This next roller skating athlete suffers the same fate as the cyclists before him he celebrates just before he hits the finish line and the skater before him is just able to catch up before he finishes in first place narrowly missing out on first place

This next mma fighters reaction is priceless when she thinks shes won the match she is ecstatic and you feel bad for her when the victory is snatched off her, her face shows how shocked she feels at this very moment

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