Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 How to Make Wind Turbine Generator 11 months ago   03:16

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This whirlpool turbine can power dozens of homes, providing energy 24 hours a day. Belgian company Turbulent have possibly come up with a solution to generate energy for small-scale rural areas. Using the power of water, the turbine can be installed to most river and canals, using the current to produce energy - which the creators claim is enough to power up to 60 homes.

Could this be the future for all energy production?

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Sherryl Keith
Go to Avasva webpage if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think
What’s the output
ala ska
Where do you store the giant plunger? This will clog instantly.
Butter Johnson
Passive hydroelectric is much less invasive than a large dam.
Anil Kumar Sharma
every indian wIll required this technology but with a difference including inverted siphon plus siphon plus heron's fountain plus boyle flasks equation
husnain javid
AA Nomad
So, you want to destroy the last free rapids on earth. I prefer nuclear energy.
Naveen Kumar
So it produces 15kw x 24 hrs = 360 kw per day.. am I rite..??
Mister Bee
No good in the desert
aswapuram rockers
Can I know how much power is generated by this prototype.....
dragon ball talk
Jump in it
Flow Ryan
Regardless of how much energy it actually produces, it contributes to the stability of renewable energy production (it will be decentralized and stored anyway) and is not as intrusive as some other technologies. I simply adds another usage to what we already have

See it as a specific tool for a specific problem rather than that one solution to save the world
ancient India tech
Sarah Poisel
Going back to the water wheel driven millstones. Welcome to the 17th century.
Another fantastic supplement, like wind and solar, to the only main strategy that can possibly get carbon emissions down in a significant way, nuclear.
Mediata Solutions
How much power does it generate?
Looks like A giant forever flushing toilet great cause tho
Jer V L
How about the fish?
Girish waran
Excellent work
Harry Devaney
I forgot to say this is probably far more efficient than and reliable than wind and solar. No vested interest, Just think the idea is great.
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How to Make Wind Turbine Generator Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 11 months ago   06:46

How to make Wind Turbine
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