Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 How to Make Wind Turbine Generator 9 months ago   03:16

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This whirlpool turbine can power dozens of homes, providing energy 24 hours a day. Belgian company Turbulent have possibly come up with a solution to generate energy for small-scale rural areas. Using the power of water, the turbine can be installed to most river and canals, using the current to produce energy - which the creators claim is enough to power up to 60 homes.

Could this be the future for all energy production?

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joshua logan
As many streams and rivers in The world these could provide alot of electricity. Wish the power companies in the USA would start using this. But they wont, it's to easy, cost less to build , has low maintenance, and does not require alot of people to operate.
snurk agurk
Wouldnt putting it at a lesser angle allow for more energi passing throughout the system?
Binaire système
Vive l'énergie nucléaire !
karen l Smith
Ancient tech
Ashan Mendis
How many kw does it produce at what speed
Me extracaga que sean tan tímidos para dar los datos mas importantes de KWh que puede generar esta turbina que es el mas importante de este invento !!!.
How about fish though? They might get trap
Amit Garg
it will work with 100kw turbine?
Abdullah Raihan Bhuiyan
Can anybody share some technical info like measurement of the turbine, flow rate of inlet and outlet ? Your time is greatly appreciated.
Marc Saunders
With 100 liters per second and a height of 1 meter you get a theoretical power of 1 kW, but this thing will have an efficiency of less than 30% so, not even one house, sorry!! Theoretical Power is= specific weight * Q* h= 10000 Nt/m3 * 0,1 m3/s * 1m= 1000 Nt*m/s = 1000 Watt = 1kW
Marc Saunders
Again it is a simplified form of the Kaplan turbine with a very low efficiency. Given the size of the turbine compared to the bricks around it I doubt that it can power one home. Estimated power less than 1 kW.
Bet it sounds like a toilet constantly flushing, only x10 louder
Gabriele Mander
what happened when i fall in the turbine?
Tore Forsgren
And now a small book on hydro turbine design:

The turbine shown has now "flow regime". You can not predict how water transfers energy to the turbine. Each second is different from the next and all water molecules do not share the same flow pattern as it passes the turbine. It is an average of something not so effective.

The mystery of guided flow:

The free swirl makes the turbine interaction with the flow uncertain.

With the wrong angle to the water the turbine blade will, at best, be a "paddle" obstructing the flow. The forces you get is not by the water following the curvature of the blade but how water curves away in front of an obstruction.

Draft tube:

In the design shown water is droped in open air behind the turbine. So basically the pressure side of the turbine blade is doing all the work and water is wasted with all axial kinetic energy intact. Water even falls some extra distance before crushing vertically into the lower water level!

To extract the energy and use the turbine suction side you need a submerged draft tube to widen the flow to get the speed down. With a submerged draft tube both the extra head and kinetic energy will be recovered as reduced pressure after the turbine.
Danial Ashraf Ghazali
How about trash and large debris?
the captions shields the most of the content!
you could literally have 10 of these installed close to the ocean, use the tide water to run through it and have a power station close by to collect the energy.
I will buy it for my personal uses now I have an electrcity thats more than average house >:)
Anthony N Hopkins
brilliant.. I can imagine there will need to be ongoing r&d on filtration at water entry..but very cool
Muhammad Darjat
Highly relevant to where the area I am based. In this demo it appears that large part of civil structure has been minimized and that will reduce the cost . I am serious about getting in contact with the company to learn more including establishing partnership for scaling up the into large part of mountainous area where I could see great potential
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How to Make Wind Turbine Generator Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 9 months ago   06:46

How to make Wind Turbine
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