HACKER is Missing in Real Life! GAME MASTER Spy Takes Lie Detector 1 day ago   14:31

Matt and Rebecca
Q from the Quadrant Event Date is Missing after we uncover new evidence that he might be the red hood at the secret meeting withthe gamemaster.

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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours Overnight inside a GiANT BUBBLE house! (Matt hypnotized at 3am not from Game Master), Matt and Rebecca uploaded He Took Off His Mask! (True identity After 24 hour Challenge Face Reveal of Game Master), they both head back home to put together the clues like an escape room. Rebecca goes to see Blackjack and Peanut from Pawzam Dogs while Matt searches to rescue Q from the safe house. He decides to pull a prank on Rebecca that he is still hypnotized. Suddenly they found that he is not at the hidden location at all. When they facetime with Daniel they recall that they don't know his true identity at all as he never did a face reveal. He sends over a scrambled project they are working on. They did a battle royale in real life along with many other challenges like last to fall wins $10,000. Daniel sends over their surveillance footage to Matt and Rebecca computer. They realize after analyzing it that Q might be the Red hood. The real Game Master drops Matt a DM to attend a secret meeting on the roof. Will he finally take off his mask? Daniel arrives with the giveaway prizes, Rocky aka pumpkin patch arrives and finally the gamemaster. It is the first meeting of the game master network. Who will pass their next mission? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Matt and Rebecca
What happened to Q? Also...
asgari aiyli
Qis the red hood
Annette Dillon
projecet Q is real Q had the band on that alouse you to lie
Annette Dillon
someone might be in there
Annette Dillon
peanut butter = Q there
Annette Dillon
Q is with the quaderent and restart the video and in the left corner at the beginning
Annette Dillon
red hood is most likely to be a girl and Q is a boy
It was R.Z. Twin go clip by clip red hood is R.Z. There is hair blond hair.
Carter Thomas
BB maybe be Big-bare or Bora Bora
Archelaine Bing
is q in there
Fredrik Angelo Almaden
Im part of game master network
Christopher Harper
it did happen
Dylan Bedi
Q missed
Gamer Camille
adventures with my friend
the game masted netwoke is strong
Jenna Thames
In the Taco Bell video you guys can see that you are one of the quadrants are running across in the background the parking lot or something
Win Big
I think red hood
Katie Mcnaully
Q is the Red hood
tre jones
Q is the red Hood
juan pizano
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GAME MASTER Spy Takes Lie Detector HACKER is Missing in Real Life! 1 day ago   12:49

The Game Master Spy takes a Lie Detector Test after a Chase Battle Royale!
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After Rebecca Zamolo solves the Game Master Take Down of Project Zorgo and Date Revealed! (Underground Tunnel leads to Top Secret Cave) and i trapped GAME MASTER Spy and took off his mask! (Face Reveal using Ninja Gadgets and Clues) Matt and Rebecca revealed their master plan. They trained using ninja gadgets after spying on the Game Master and 3 mystery men ninjas at their secret meeting. Rebecca followed the GM through an underground tunnel passageway that led to a top secret control room inside an abandoned cave. Matt and Rebecca decode the December date riddle and spy in their car at PP’s hideout. They wear undercover disguises to hide their identity and set up spy gadgets with hidden surveillance footage to trap PP. While Rebecca does a face reveal of the spy, Matt has a mysterious disappearance. The GoPro hidden camera revealed that Matt may have been hypnotized by the Game Master using CODE 10. Rebecca brings in a professional polygraph examiner on the GameMaster Spy and decide if he should be arrested. Is Project Zorgo and CWC framing Pumpkin Patch? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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