Is the #InvisibleChallenge Safe for Your Pets? This Alligator Just Wants 2 days ago   02:07

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The #InvisibleChallenge is putting your dog's intelligence to the test. The challenge involves taping plastic wrap to a doorway and seeing how your dog reacts. Some jump over it and some move away. The owners like to cheer on their pups while they try to figure out what to make of it. But some people on social media think the challenge could be harmful for pets.'s Justine Re speaks to veterinarian Laurie Hess on why she thinks the challenge is dangerous.

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Fraud Heart
OMG! Let's go overboard here! I don't agree with it but is it really newsworthy?
taryn shaw
I don't get the point of this
damn y’all have nothing to do.. huh?
Nikita Shelford
im mean would u like running into something lie that
Nikita Shelford
i think its a bit cruel
•Veronica_Gacha• Rose
I think it's torture. When they walk into it, their poor faces *smash* into the plastic rap
A new challenge introduced

inside edition about to end this mans whole career
Evedraw 0000 hartono
I just used the long pillow and the door for the challenge
Its kinda mean but atleast its not on fire
Why Could We Music
my dog held a knife and ran into a . he’s ok
Why Could We Music
Elle Bolger
It’s so sad 😭
HappyGirl1170 :3
Cheese, what the fluff and now this is amazing
Super stop motion Story person
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bReAtHinG iS bAD fOr yOU
Kyo Go I Akita Inu
too funny 😃😃
[Gold]A Kid With A Dream
1:15 if the dog trys to bite then it must be stupid like lady is ur dog stupid has it done that before 🤨
Destiny Estevane
I’m gonna try this with my dog cause he loves me
Y’all or boring asf
Just sayin'
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This Alligator Just Wants Is the #InvisibleChallenge Safe for Your Pets? 2 days ago   03:02

Imagine encountering this wild beast out for a stroll. Joie Henney of York, Pennsylvania, takes his pet alligator, Wally, everywhere with him. The 5-foot-long gator with 83 razor-sharp teeth is his emotional support animal. Henney says Wally's cuddles have helped him through depression. He's so gentle that Henney actually takes him to a day care center. Back home, the 35-pound gator has free rein of the house, where he loves watching TV and even has his own pool.

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