The War At Home In Crimea | VICE on HBO (Bonus) Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: 1 day ago   03:39

In 2014, Russia seized the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in one of the most brazen annexations of territory since World War II.

This is what happened after.

See our VICE on HBO report this Friday at 7:30 PM and 11 PM EST.

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Dim Tso
Crimea was Orthodox slavic Russian, Crimea is Orthodox slavic Russian and Crimea will remain Orthodox slavic Russian. Had Crimea remained Ukrainian, then atheist anglo American control of Crimea would have happened.
Наталья Ларюшина
Сняли какой-то сумбур, мешанину. Все в одну кучу, и зоопарк и майдан и моряков. Да ещё в мрачных тонах, чтобы нагнать тревогу. 👎
Adolf Hitler you is all i have to say!
Go ahead, Delete my account again Jootube!
UKI Hatter
If Crimea is russia, they can pay for their own water, simple
John Snow Kumar
The people of Crimea voted to be part of Russia, as we know. I am originally from Batesville somewhere in the deep south. Today I am away. In 1783, Queen Catherine the great decided to liberate some Turkish ruled kingdoms that were ruled for a number of centuries by the Ottomaan empire. Few American lawmakers or reporters with no knowledge of the old world seem to oppose Russians for no reason. The modern day American people / lawmaker is naive, and think just like the native American dead leaders, such as Pocahoncho and Sitting Bull and Pontiac. . Few American lawmakers are upset with Queen Catherine the great as she created a country called Ukraine in 1783 in the villages surrounding Kiev, while putting predominantly Russian speaking Crimea into Russia in 1783. I think she did the right thing by putting Crimea in Russia. A couple of lawmakers in the western hemisphere may try stunts such as by complaining to native American ex - leader Pontiac about Queen Catherine's correct decision to put predominantly Russian speaking tiny Crimea in Russia in 1783. A country in the midst of a civil war cannot join NATO, as per NATO regulations, even if the stakes are worth one trillion dollars in lobbyist fees.
A drunk Khrushchev wrote an office memo in 1954 late one night after closing his office, while all alone, with perhaps one bodyguard saying, "Crimea is no longer part of Ukraine", just before he passed out, supposedly. The same night at the office, that guard supposedly asked the drunk Khrushchev not to put up the office memo with his hand written note, "Crimea is no longer part of Ukraine" for approval by the house and Senate of the Soviet Union. The House and Senate on the Hill in the former Soviet Union are supposedly called Politburo Members, or Soviet lawmakers. The previous consecutive office memo for that day also had Khrushchev's hand written note on office attendance, " From next month in 1954, if any office employee of the office of the Secretary General of the Soviet Union comes to office very late, and later than 20 minutes, he or she (meaning, that same office employee) will lose his pay for the whole day ..." , supposedly, regardless of whether there is a snow storm in town. Nikita Khrushchev filed his next office memo on ownership of tiny Crimea on top of that file of important office memos in his office chamber that night, next to an office memo on late attendance. How legal is that memo-document depends of whether you ask an ethnic Russian in America or an ethnic Ukrainian in America. I heard that resistance fighters of Ukraine during Ottomaan rule were predominantly Cossacks (ethnic Russians) , and they were tortured the most, during Ottomaan rule and killed more often during the short-lived Nazi rule.
Peter Bačinský
This is a territorial war between ukrainian exreme nacionalists and anti-fascist pro-russian population of Donbass. They have to accept Donbass peoples sovereignty to end this awful war.
Frost Rusher
God damn ex Ukrainians realizing how good Ukraine used to be after joining Russia. Now they regret it. Wow.
Frost Rusher
Im Russian and thats why im rebellious. Thats why Russians are such failures. Respect to Ukraine
Dirk Smith
Once mongol ruSSia collapses again, it needs to be divided up like Yugoslavia.
Душан Ф
Western lies right from the start. People of Crimea legally voted to join Russia.
John Bodnar
The costs of Vladimir Putin’s Crimean Anschluss are incalculable because they involve international isolation and the stunted development of the Russian economy and Russian society, but efforts to measure the costs, direct and indirect, continue – a reflection of the fact that ever more Russians see Crimea as a burden rather than an achievement.

The latest such effort is by Russian economist Sergey Aleksashenko who has prepared a book-length study on the subject, a portion of which has been published in advance by Forbes ( 373707-cena-krymskoy-zagoguliny-ekonomist-aleksashenko-o-tom-vo-skolko-oboshlos-rossii).
Well, Russia took what it was theirs before. Crimea was given to Ukraine in 1954...
John Bodnar
Свобода для Олега Сенцова.
Al Tay
If 95.5 of the people in Crimea wanted to be under Russian rule then so be it consider it Russian Ukraine should walk away and say the hell with them
Wally Wally
the west wants us to believe those Swastika wearing trash soldiers are the good guys bahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
Andrey Greshenko
Crappy propaganda
Dirty Bong Water
People that believe Crimea will somehow be part of Ukraine again are delusional, it doesn’t matter who you support it is literally impossible to achieve this lmao.
so I see the peaceful Crimeans celebrating in Sevasyopol. And I see nazi Ukranians with smoke, shots and nazi symbols. Ok, I choose the first thing.
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Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: The War At Home In Crimea | VICE on HBO (Bonus) 1 day ago   17:13

“The car business in general is a tough business. The car rental business, even more so. Anybody who finds out they can make money and drive a Ferrari, I mean, they’re diving in head first,” says Matt Cruz, owner of MVP Exotic Rentals, a legitimate luxury car rental business based in Miami.

But when everybody wants to be a celebrity, how do you tell the difference between faking it and making it? The game is finesse, and with the allure of getting behind the wheel of the world’s most expensive cars, who wouldn’t want to play?

In a world where likes and fame can be bought and the filtered facade of Instagram reigns supreme, VICE meets some of the legit — and the not-so-legit — players that cater luxury car rentals to the biggest rappers, athletes, and celebrities of the moment.

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