Stuntmen React To MARVEL Bad & Great VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 2 1 day ago   14:56

Corridor Crew
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This Episode ► The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Actor Gui DaSilva-Greene to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!




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Chandan Nayak
Absolutely no one :
Stunt guy: We rehearsed it for a month.
vianv gaming
Review saaho movie for vfx and action
aloo t
9.07 practically a bollywood move.
Lorne Graham
@Corridor Crew, do a stunt episode on H.B. Hilacki's Gone in Sixty Seconds!!!!
Ellie Holmes
I have no money so noone is stupid enough to steal my useless card...
Mello Delelo
Ima kid I don’t have a credit card
The stunt in The Road Warrior where the stuntman is supposed to crash his motorbike into a car and fly off but actually catches his feet and does multiple full body end-over-end flips straight into the ground. He was actually really badly hurt but It was so awesome that George Miller left it in the film.
gargar gooarr
and rdj got more money than stuntman 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Suresh Reddy
Marvel's don't study physics because they never got qualified for such subjects.
The stuntpeople really are the unsung heroes of Hollywood action movies. They are the ones who make it all possible (along with the co-ordinators of course), and they are almost unheard of in the general media. I absolutely love that you're getting actual stuntpeople in to comment on film stunts and how they're achieved. There's real blood, sweat, tears and vomit in there.
Honestly, all of the other CGI fails in Black Panther pale in comparison to how incredibly badly they handled snow in the scenes where T'Challa was covered. It's just horrific to anyone who has ever seen snow.
You have to check out the movie xXx. Some of the scenes are just fun
based on this i honestly think i could be a stuntman for movies like this lol. jeez
Pocket Ace
Equilibrium would be a treasure trove of stunts to dissect.
Benjamin Garcia
Guy we love the videos m, awesome, how ever you do realize either we just skip the commercials or just avoid the whole video if you do the in the middle in your face thing, be cool with it, its annoying as hell
Greg wx
Please put Wren instead of the guy in the left, he never really watch anymovie or make a smart comment about, just nodding and woowing.
TTV Caliber
I'm 12 and I've never gotten a credit card hacked before in my whole life
Ricardo Aponte
Great vid!

You guys should really check out a Thai martial arts movie called Chocolate (2008). There's an insane scene where guys are getting knocked off the top of a building and hitting the signs on the way down. At the end credits, it showed that one of the stuntmen had to get hospitalized. Looking forward to your next video!
* 1
Just wondered if I'm the only one thinking "Bruce Gui!" Cool man with an awesome taste in Tshirts.
Manuel Solis
Great content, but putting 4 ads, plus an in-video sponsor spot, is gonna be the death of Youtube channels. But by all means, ride that money wave till it dies out!
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VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 2 Stuntmen React To MARVEL Bad & Great 1 day ago   14:25

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