Is The New 2020 Toyota Supra More 2020 Toyota SUPRA – Nissan 2 days ago   23:35

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The New 2020 Toyota Supra is Back! In This Classic TFLcar 2020 Toyota Supra Mashup Review we compare and review the new Supra to the Toyota 86 to find out if the 2020 New Toyota Supra is More Than just a rebadged BMW Z4.

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Christopher Dirkschneider
I’m all for more fun cars being built that have an unique look! I would love to get one of these, but I think I should wait to see if the next release will have a manual transmission. I’m glad Toyota did what they had to do to get the Supra back on the road! Bravo and great video as always!
Wilson Mar
Mark 4 Supra still better
Wilson Mar
Compact spaces
Wilson Mar
I wouldn’t buy these cars because ugly looking headlights
Wilson Mar
Ugly headlights
Wilson Mar
Those are ugly looking cars
Kevin Hornak
Both the bmw and the Toyota were built in Austria and were developed independently. This is not just a rebadged bmw. I was highly skeptical at first too, as I have owned two mk3 Supras and a mk4 which I traded for my two mk3 Supras... but after reading about how it was made and that it was made with the tuner in mind and there’s proof of that... my only complaint now is that it’s not as powerful as I’d have liked it to be and it’s automatic... but that’s why we are tuners, I will find a suitable manual trans for this eventually
Nexus Hexus
Please change the intro.
I personally feel that Toyota failed its Supra fan base.
commantros exetlos
well till today r35-nsx-evo-sti...teach you that you didnt found a solusion the new supra is build for tuning..The first ever car ready for 800hp..just like the old one
The 86 is not the Celica she's the Corolla 86 from now
Peterson Family
I went to the Z4 review linked by someone else on this forum; ; and when they open the hood of the Z4; surprise surprise; the hood design is the same as the Supra and another thing I noticed. The Toyota engineer made a point of mentioned the double latch design on the hood for the Supra and asked everyone to guess what other Toyota had a similar design. The reason for the double latch hood design was to pick up on previous Supra designs which had the same type of double hood latch system and to show homage to the previous Supra engineer who was the current Supra engineers mentor. Really the Z4 has the same exact double hood latch system. Hum after seeing that I felt like the presentation a bit of a song and dance.
Its like a samurai that only speaks German :/
Don't forget the "Test Drive" and "Need for Speed" games... Tom Voelk in the background shooting his video all by himself... Ah, Toyota engineers stretching the truth to downplay shortcomings or missed opportunities with this first release. The Supra to too "Cayman-like" and not enough Supra-like as they (Toyota) was too focussed on making a better Cayman, they forgot to make a better Supra. I'm sure the Supra will do fine and early buyers will be happy; it's the sales 8-12mo after release that will tell the real story.

With them leaving room for turning in the Supra, they did the same thing as they did in the 86/BRZ, but this time, ppl are starting at a higher price point to make the car better. How much more will ppl spend to up the performance of their new Supra after spending $55k+?l

Don't forget Toyota collabed with Mazda on the new iA/Yaris sedan/hatch (Mazda 2 underneath).
R Cenobi
The back seat of the 86 is useless, unless your toting dogs around or if you bought to much groceries and need more space. For that guy thats over 6ft, had that driver seat right up against the back seat. The passenger seat gave you more room up front to slide forward for the very young small kids legs that sat back there.
James Sohn
If you are bothered by naming the car Supra maybe you are the one with the problem
fishing0620 1985
It's a bummer that Toyota used BMW. A Toyota Supra is an iconic car and one of the top iconic Toyotas ever made. Toyota should have done it on their own. Other than that that it's an okay car.
Toyota has lost its soul.
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2020 Toyota SUPRA – Nissan Is The New 2020 Toyota Supra More 2 days ago   07:51

The 2020 Supra features a 3.0-liter turbo inline six that produces 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque. The torque comes on strong from very low engine speeds, thanks to a combination of a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct fuel injection and continuously variable timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. Engine response is further enhanced thanks to the inline six’s variable intake valve lift system that adjusts intake valve timing and duration.

The 8-speed automatic transmission delivers quick up- and downshifts and features paddle shifters for manual control when desired. Short ratios for the lower gears and a Launch Control function, which is not intended for use on public roads or for repeated short interval use, enable powerful acceleration with maximum traction. Toyota estimates 0-60 mph acceleration in 4.1 seconds, which makes it the quickest Toyota-branded production vehicle to date. Top track speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.
The 2020 Supra offers two driving modes, Normal and Sport. Sport Mode sharpens throttle response, increasing steering weight, improving transmission shift crispness, more aggressive active differential tuning and amplifying exhaust sound.

Traction Mode is part of the Vehicle Stability Control System and when selected provides track-driving capability by reducing intervention of the traction and stability control functions. Launch Control is available when the vehicle is in Sport and Traction mode.

For performance driving enthusiasts, the Supra will have an active differential that uses an electric motor and multiplate clutches to control lateral torque. The active differential precisely controls torque distribution between the rear wheels, with stepless variable locking from 0-100 percent. The differential can control torque distribution between the rear wheels when cornering under both acceleration and braking, enabling greater momentum through a corner.

2020 Toyota GR Supra 3.0: $49,990
2020 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium: $53,990
2020 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Launch Edition: $55,250

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