How To: Dell Optiplex 755 Ram Upgrade Dell Optiplex 780 SFF + Full Size 2 days ago   06:00

pretty simple way to make a fast computer even faster. if your looking at one of these i would reccomend them because they blend into everyday use and tasks really well. id reccomend the 755 minitower (this one) because it still has the ventillation you want from the large form factor.

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Cristobal Rendon
Thanks for these quick and easy video. These videos are more useful than most people think!
Linda F
Please spare the rest of the world and don't make anymore videos! You suck at it!
How much slots do it have?
Tips and Fix PH
what brand of your ram you newly installed .. thanks
Tips and Fix PH
what brand of your ram you newly installed .. thanks
Jhelum Computers
r u bloody fool
Ivvan Olivier
Don't have a panic attack... Just slow down and speak your words one at a time. Ffs.
Jeff Ingram
stupid comment. I'm replacing the psu, hard drive, gpu and dvd player
lol got a dell ram upgrade ad!
Also is the ram 240 pin?
Would you guys recommend a 750ti in (temporarily of course)
incubus furry
i found a about 20 or more keyboards out of the trash ages 12 to 22 some about 8 of them were usb too
Lostvayne V
what type of ram did u install?
is it ddr3 or ddr2?
please reply me faster i want buy ram stick
Bike Botello
como putos abriste el gabinete
Hakam Eida
i want to ask u if the r7 240 fit with this motherboared
Jake Thorpe
how do you open it up
Brian Mooney
I do not know much about computers so please forgive the stupid question. If I put in extra memory, do I have to reinstall windows software or am I just adding more memory and not replacing memory.
Marc Ritz
You are slurring your words a bit. Talking too fast.
got a 755 referb wanted to know about the BIOS "performance area" and if I should mess with the hard disk speed/noise settings. mine is running slow, and the factory is "bypass" for "older drives" but how old is old? 2006?
harold galve
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Dell Optiplex 780 SFF + Full Size How To: Dell Optiplex 755 Ram Upgrade 2 days ago   09:54

Here's part 2 of the Dell SFF with a full size (one fan) GPU installed. As always, thanks for watching!
Here's a link for Part 3! -

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