Winter has come at 'Game of Thrones' Game of Thrones S8 First Look 1 day ago   00:21

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Some 200km north of the Arctic Circle, a 400,000-kilo ice hotel awaits fans of the hit series.…

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So, eurolies. Back to journalist school, todays lesson is The five Ws. Five questions that must be asked and answered when writing a good article.
Who, what, when, where and why.
No mention of who.
The what is evident by the pictures.
The when is obvious.
No mention of the where. (Lapland is a big place, from Norway in the west to the Russian tundra in the east. Be more precise!)
The why is more or less self explanatory.

The two most important Ws this time is who and where - these are the two not answered.
You failed in the research, production, and presentation!
This is god awful sloppy work. I've seen 12 year old school children give better homework presentations.
Is it too much to ask that you measure up to the same level as that of a 5th grader?
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Game of Thrones S8 First Look Winter has come at 'Game of Thrones' 1 day ago   11:00

Val shares her analysis of the official Game of Thrones Season 8 First Look Photos and explains what they could mean.

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