THE END OF JAMES CHARLES Plants vs Zombies is a Timeless Masterpiece 2 days ago   10:03

James Charles hasn't been very good has he, as revealed in Tati Westbrook's video bye sister

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Nathan gets REAL
@Memeulous What game are you playing?
Depressed French fry
I’m not hating on ya but once a sister always a sister
The thumbnail set me off crying with laughter after I saw it 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
I don’t know man seems kinda gay
Charmaine Dimech
who is beter jack palu or james charls
Anyone remember ur willy is RuBbIsH
Kai Sherriff
hi I'm not gonna say anything give me likes
Kai Sherriff
well... i thought you were fun and fresh, but apparently I was mistaken
CommunistWeeb 3
*starts clapping*
Yass lol
Darin ghoul
Gay Charles
The diamond Lesion
If you're tricked into being gay you're just gay
looky at mee
Notice notice how she waits until James Charles starts promoting another brand
Johnny Smith
James is coming me o stop gay boy him it doesn’t matter I’m a celebrity me gimi money then
bubble gum
How it feels to chew five gum
Jonathan Hicks
James Charles sounds like a gender-neutral person when he talks and it’s irritating to hear
Jayden Seath
His apoligy video makes me cringe
Irgendein Daniel
This is so cringe
Jeremiah Stewart
gotta love them homosexuals yeah? Lovely people to take the piss out of
Combine Elite Soldier
Since when does Jeff Star have bronchitis?
The majestic Mango
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Plants vs Zombies is a Timeless Masterpiece THE END OF JAMES CHARLES 2 days ago   15:20

There's a Zombie on your lawwwn

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