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Star Wars
Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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Luke : No ones ever truly gone

Me : So is general grieves coming back or what
Woah woah woah, HOLD UP. Unless Rey fixed it (actually, it could’ve been very hard for her), I’m pretty sure Anakin’s second/Luke’s first lightsaber was forced to be broken in half via Kilo Ren and Rey playing tug of war for a frickin lightsaber and the Force.
If I said ten years ago that no one would be excited about a new star wars movie.......
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I wonder why a Jedi fighter needs to wear so much
Should of opened with Leia throwing those dice off a cliff like "meh!"
Compton Crackhead
Can you explain me where is the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek ?
Bronzytwo05 no last name given
Actually this saga should've come to a close about 4 movies ago
Spider-Man1997 R
They need to bring luke back I believe he’s coming back after what happened with the last Jedi!
Steven Winkenstern
This trailer is a new hope
Shxdow _
When I heard the breathing I thought it was one of those weird trailers
light house
Disney, running it in the ground. Lucas should have stopped at Episode VI, 1983.
Chatnoir 77888
1:23 Is that Lando?
cade8300 cade8300
Nothing is ever really gone.

*_distance_* *GREEDO NOISES*
John Davisson
so is jar jar going to be in it or what?????
0:00 close your eyes.........
Awesome that star wars trailer should princess leia
looks awesome!
Yeah Lando is back
Looks awesome
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How Did Palpatine Return for STAR WARS: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 1 day ago   07:28

We finally have a title for the much anticipated Star Wars Episode IX, but nobody expected the return of Emperor Palpatine! Jessica queries the Force for answers in today’s Nerdist News!

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