I Was Hurt By Someone I Thought I Could I Was Scared For My Life In School 1 day ago   04:08

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Rosavella wants to share her story to spread awareness about a horrible, traumatizing experience she had as a young girl - an experience she hopes no one ever has to go through.

When she was about five years old, her mother started to have a relationship with a man - a man she refers to as "Dan" in this story. Rosavella enjoyed spending time with Dan. He would play with her and her sister, buy them gifts and join them on vacations. At first, Dan treated Rosavella and her sister as if they were his own children, and Rosavella's mother was so happy to have found a father figure for them - a perfect family.

Overtime, Rosavella's relationship with Dan dramatically changed. He would come into her room late at night, and he would do inappropriate things to her. He would stare at her, touch her arms and waist, and make her feel incredibly uncomfortable. But because Rosavella was so young, she believed Dan when he told her he was just tucking her in and saying goodnight.

One specific time, Dan took Rosavella into his room. He put her on the bed and began touching her inappropriately. She screamed out and squealed so loudly that her sister ran in, but by the time she entered the room, Dan began tickling her to cover up his horrendous actions.

Eventually, Rosavella's sister found out what Dan was really doing. Her mom was completely devastated and took Rosavella to the police station, and they soon realized that what Dan was doing was illegal. They went to trial, but because there wasn't enough evidence, Dan was able to go free.

Rosavella's experience with abuse deeply affected her. She received counselling, but it caused her to have panic attacks and nightmares. She wishes that she had been more aware of what Dan was doing to her when she was younger. When she looks back on the past, she could say to herself, "I was hurt by someone I thought I could trust." However, she is taking a positive approach by vowing to help other people who may be going through a similar situation. She is strong and resilient, and she wants to share her story with the world to educate others.


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jenny pine
My story when I was 9 my dad always kiss us in the cheeck then I don't like when he is kissing me it's disgusting me too and he always angry and phone a whole day I hate my dad too. The end Name: Princess Neonny R. Pine
Gender: Female
I like her plaided skirt.
Rosie Jewel
* Reads description*
xXxgamingwith-vicky xXx
This is so sad I hope she's okay right now that guy should be like decapitated or something
common sense
I don't get how was there lack of evidence?
Jay Vr
this is fucking sad I feel you this happened to me and they was also older they was like 19-20 and I'm 15 these types of people are disgusting human beings
Julia Gonzalez
He's a guy ho rapes kids 😟😟😟😟🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
kid A.H.I
Some men are perverts and creeps, or maybe that guy just had a *Loli fetish!*

PS: Children, please don't google what Loli means, thank you. 😊
Mavis Rauwhero
Am I the only one who wants to

Hit Dan...

In the face...

With a chair...

Covered with pins...

Dipped in Instant death poison??
Friend: I lost my favorite doll
Her: at least you didn’t get sexually assaulted by your step father
Friend: *running away screaming*
yariha batool
If u have bad freams just pray it's good to pray anyway
Comment ! Every ! = shots to perverts head with a mosin nagant
The only reason that they didn’t arrest him was cause ur black (btw I am to)
Anson Garcia
I experienced just that except in the restroom and well I don’t to tell you anymore
funny mir
So she's basically saying all men are bad fuck u and hope he comes back to rape you
G da Queen Gods Gift
Don't trust no strangers.😳😳
G da Queen Gods Gift
Don't go next to strangers they will kidnap you and take you and put you somewhere.😯😯😲😲😳😳😟😟
Nena L'more
2:50 i felt that. I used to feel anxiety around older men as a child.
Bloodyblack Smoke
"When I'm with guys in a close place with men I get panic attacks"

Sweetie those arent panic attacks
Bloodyblack Smoke
I'm sorry but like, you should your mom if your uncomfortable- so I'm sorry but I dont feel bad
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I Was Scared For My Life In School I Was Hurt By Someone I Thought I Could 1 day ago   07:54

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